How to Fertilise a Lawn?

Keeping your lawn a lush green along with improving the look and structure is a core foundation of maintaining a healthy grass lawn. We have created this guide to help you provide essential nutrients to your lawn for this purpose and more.

No matter which type of lawn you have, you will need to find out how to fertilise a lawn, whether it is for the kids/pets to play on, a beautiful fine bladed bowling green style lawn or a shaded lawn it is really important to keep your grass in the best possible condition.

Why should I fertilise my lawn?

Like all things that grow, your lawn grass needs to have the correct nutrients to keep it at its best.

Fertilising your lawn will help:

  • Prevent weeds
  • Prevent moss
  • Prevent diseases
  • Improve grass recovery
  • Keep it green and lush
  • Improve growth rate

Cost / Time Benefits

You will also save time and money:

  • No need to keep replacing your lawn
  • Less need for over seeding
  • Less moss
  • Less weeds
  • Less damage
  • High recovery rate

When should I fertilise my lawn?

You should be fertilising your lawn at least twice per year, once for the spring / summer and once again for autumn / winter - you can also consider a mid-summer application to boost the colour and condition during the hottest months.

This is our recommended 2/3 step approach;

1. Spring / Summer - Required

March / April are normally ideal, you should wait until the soil temperature is up and the grass has started to grow.

2. Mid-Summer – Optional

Usually around July adding a liquid feed with give you a 4/6 week boost, this will help improve the colour and resilience during the hottest months.

3. Autumn / Winter - Required

September / October are normally ideal, you can wait for the weather to start to turn from summer to autumn before applying.

What should I fertilise my lawn with?

There are a number of grass fertiliser types that can benefit your grass growth and health.

We have the split into a few main categories;

Slow Release Fertilisers

Ideal fertilisers as they give you the longest coverage and benefit, our slow release fertilisers give you 12-16 weeks coverage.

Quick Release Fertiliser

Great for a quick boost in for your lawn however only work for 4-6 weeks and while they will do a good job, a slow release is considered a better approach but if time is against you this is a viable alternative.

Liquid Fertilisers

These allow you to have more frequent applications over shorter periods of time, they are useful for high use areas however require more frequent application and therefore effort, so we recommend they are used as part of a hybrid combination as mentioned earlier.

What is the best way to fertilise my lawn?

If you follow these simple steps it will make the job really easy and keep your grass safe:

  1. Make sure you have done all the necessary maintenance to your lawn such as scarifying, weed removal and aeration.
  2. Make sure your soil is not really dry, if it is aerate and water the soil (if you haven’t already).
  3. Cut your grass 3-4 days before you apply the fertiliser.
  4. Apply at the suggested spreading rate, ideally using a good fertiliser spreader - try to spread on an overcast day or in the evening.
  5. Grass blade burn prevention - please bear in mind it is really important to water off the fertiliser from the grass blades as the fertiliser will burn and damage the existing grass. Our top time saving tip is to fertilise on a day when you are expecting a good amount of rain so it does the job for you otherwise just water it off yourself using a hose/sprinkler system.
  6. After 14/21 days check for any weeds and remove them then overseed any patches.
  7. Most slow release fertilisers will last for 12-16 weeks and most quick release/liquid fertilisers are 4-6 weeks.

The Grass People - Recommended Fertiliser Products

SLOW RELEASE: Spring/Summer Slow Release Spring/Summer

SLOW RELEASE: Autumn/Winter Slow Release Autumn/Winter

Keep it Healthy

We have a couple of related guides that will help you to keep your grass healthy;

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