REVIVE: Organic 365 Fertiliser

  • 16-20 weeks coverage
  • 100% Organic fertiliser
  • Can be applied all year round
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Product Description

Our REVIVE: Organic 365 Fetiliser is an all organic, all year round, all rounder fertiliser. Made up of organic matter pellets, this fertiliser acts by being broken down by microbes to release vital nutrients into your soil. Not only will this fertiliser help your lawn to maintain a good level of greeness throughout the year, but it will also build up its drought and disease tolerance when regularly applied. For best results, apply this fertiliser in warmer weather as this will encourage microbes. This fertiliser is safe and clean to use, has low environmental impact and produces a 16-20 week feed.

Mixture Breakdown

NPK 5.3.8

Usage Guide

This is a pellet form fertiliser that can be applied at the recommended rate by hand when wearing a glove or by using a spreader
Water the pellets to disperse the nutrients

You can apply this product all year round, but we recommend avoiding application in December and January when your lawn is dormant. For best results, apply this fertiliser in warmer temperatures so that microbes can break down the organic matter within the pellets and disperse the nutrients throughout your soil. 

Use February to November
Spreading Rate 70g per m2
Watering Water the pellets to disperse the nutrients


If you are planning to overseed or sow a new lawn from scratch, you can do so once the pellets have dissolved

For more information on all things fertiliser, read our Fertiliser FAQs.

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