Grass Seed Growth Guarantee

 Our grass seed is rigorously tested to ensure it provides successful germination and high levels of seed purity. We believe in our products and so do our customers, which is reflected in our 5-star Feefo review rating. However, we do understand that sometimes you need a little extra reassurance, which is why we created our Grass Seed Growth Guarantee.

What is it?

When you purchase one of our grass seed mixtures, we will guarantee the growth of your new lawn. We do, of course, have some conditions to this guarantee, which are explained further down this page.

This is our declaration, or our way of saying to you, that we know our grass seed will germinate and grow as expected. This also means that should this not occur, we will send you a replacement of your original order or refund you for your product.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Please find our Terms and Conditions below;

  • You allow us to investigate the issue and provide any information we ask for including images.
  • You followed and are familiar with our instructions for sowing and aftercare.
  • We agree that your process made it feasible for grass to germinate e.g. favourable weather conditions, adequate watering etc.
  • You have sown our grass seed and have not seen any growth within 1 month of sowing at a suitable time of year.
  • We will not offer a free replacement or refund if you have not followed the correct instructions or if there are issues within your local environment e.g. the product was sown in adverse / extreme weather conditions, the environment has been tampered with etc. We will also not cover the cost of any time / effort / labour costs.

In short, if our seed fails to germinate we will guarantee to replace or refund you in line with the above. However, if we deem there to be an error within the sowing process or within the local environment we will not offer a refund - but we will work with you to get the issue resolved.

So, if my grass fails to germinate for any reason, what should I do next?

You can send us an email to [email protected] to discuss the best next steps. We’ll ask you a few questions about your process for sowing and may ask you to send us some pictures of the lawn – so that we can identify the cause of the issue.

My grass is superb!

Great! We thought that would happen! We love to see your before and after photos, so if you have any you can send them on to [email protected] and we’ll set you up a discount code for future use on our website.