Lawn Care Calendar

Learn how to care for your grass lawn all year round with our Lawn Care Calendar!

Our calendar provides handy tips you can use for each month to keep your lawn in great condition all year round. In the colder months, your lawn care shifts to preserving all your hard work. In spring, it's time to take on any renovations that need to be done, whether that means patch repairs or overseeding. In summer, it's all about keeping your grass healthy through all that a UK summer has to offer, from total washout to drought at any point!

*Temperatures are based on a 5 year average

What grass seed do I need?

The best grass seed you can choose is one that is of high quality and is also fit for purpose. Here at The Grass People, we pride ourselves on being able to provide both for our customers.

How to sow grass seed

Picking the best grass seed can depend a couple of things such as; if you have any issues with shade or clay or sandy soils, if you need your lawn to be hardwearing for family life or perhaps you would like an ornamental lawn.

What fertiliser should I used?

With so many options to fertilise your lawn with, it can be tricky to know what’s right for your lawn at a certain time of year or when you are planning to carry out maintenance.