What grass seed do I need?

What grass seed do I need?

The best grass seed you can get is one that is of high quality and is also fit for purpose. Here at The Grass People, we pride ourselves on being able to provide both for our customers.

Picking the best grass seed can depend on a couple of things, such as if you have any issues with shade or clay or sandy soils, if you need your lawn to be hardwearing for family life, or perhaps you would like an ornamental lawn.

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We have grass seed mixes to suit all gardens and soil types

Two of our most popular mixes are our SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn, which produces a hard-wearing, lush and versatile lawn for general/regular use. This is similar to our FAMILY: Kids and Pets mix, which is also hardwearing and lush and designed for family life. 

Following this, our STATEMENT: Front Lawn mix creates a very fine and ornamental lawn for that bowling green look. 

If you have issues with shade, we have two mixes that may suit your needs.

STEADFAST: Shade is for dappled, non-permanent shade caused by the likes of trees. And STEADFAST: Ultra Shade is for blocked permanent shade caused by high walls or fences. 

We have our IMPRESS: Clay Soils mix for clay soils. We also have our THRIVE: Sandy Soils mix that is perfect for sandy soils. 

If your soil type is normal, doesn't suffer from the shade, and you want to reduce the need for regular reseeding - you should try our RESTORE: Self - Repair mix. 

Any of our mixes can be used together to create the ultimate lawn for all your wants and needs.

To ensure you get the best from every mix, we have a how to sow grass seed guide. We also have information on the best time to plant grass seed and how long it takes grass takes to grow.

You can always contact us if you're still unsure what mix to choose.