RESTORE: Self-Repair Lawn

  • Repairs damaged grass unaided
  • Removes the need for regular reseeding
  • Quick to restore tired lawns
How much does each bag cover?
Size / Weight
New Lawn
(50g per m²)
(35g per m²)













How much do I need?
From £21.50

How much do I need?

Simply enter the length and width of the area, to calculate how much you need.


Product Description

RESTORE: Self-Repair is an expertly blended mixture that creates a self-repairing lawn through the inclusion of Zurich – a revolutionary creeping perennial ryegrass.

Once the sward has been established the creeping Zurich will cover up damage to the lawn, this grass seed creates a hard-wearing lawn.

Since RESTORE: Self-Repair will mend wear and tear patches is it considered a lower maintenance mix, ideal for those who don't have time for regular lawn maintenance.

RESTORE: Self-Repair is a self-sufficient mix that cuts out the need for regular reseeding. With added fine-leafed fescues, this robust combination will get your lawn back to its best.

What area does each RESTORE: Self-Repair Grass Seed bag cover?

New lawn Overseeding an existing lawn
2kg - 40m2
5kg - 100m2
10kg - 200m2
20kg - 400m2
2kg - 57m2
5kg - 143m2
10kg - 286m2
20kg - 571.5m2

Mixture Breakdown

40% Zurich Creeping Perennial Ryegrass
10% Slender Creeping Red Fescue
50% Strong Creeping Red Fescue

Drag the slider below to see the difference RESTORE: Self-Repair could make to your garden.

Usage Guide

Overseeding an existing lawn with RESTORE: Self-Repair

Remove any dead grass, weeds or moss by scarifying / raking the area
Rake the area enough so that the soil is loose and not compact
Sow the seed at our recommended rate of 35g per m2, by using a seed spreader or your hand
Rake the seed in after sowing so that the seed is in amongst the soil
Firm down by foot or by using a roller to improve seed to soil contact
Water the just-sown seed well 

Read our full guide How to sow a new lawn.

Sowing a new lawn with RESTORE: Self-Repair

Dig the soil over to a depth of 20-25cm
Remove weeds by hand or use a weed killer
Add top soil if you believe the soil to be poor quality or unlevel
Rake the area to get a level seedbed
Sow the seed at our recommended rate of 50g per m2, by using a seed spreader or your hand
Rake the seed in after sowing so that the seed is in amongst the soil
Firm down by foot or by using a roller to improve seed to soil contact
Water the just-sown seed well 

Learn more with our guide How to overseed a lawn.

RESTORE: Self-Repair Sowing Guide & Pack Sizes

Recommended Mowing Height 20 - 40mm

Sowing Rate (New Lawn)

50 grams per m2

Bag Coverage

2kg covers 40m2
5kg covers 100m2
10kg covers 200m2
20kg covers 400m2

Sowing Rate (Overseeding an Existing Lawn)

35 grams per m2

Bag Coverage

2kg covers 57m2
5kg covers 143m2
10kg covers 286m2
20kg covers 571.5m2





Continue to water your lawn deeply and daily for the next six weeks, avoiding if there is prolonged rainfall
Your lawn will take up to 6 weeks to fully establish
Once there is an even coverage throughout the lawn and grass blades are hitting heights of 5-7cm, your lawn is ready for its first mow on the highest setting
To keep your lawn healthy, green and disease / weed free, remember to regularly fertilise

Product Questions

Product Questions

At what time of year/temperatures can I oversees with restore seed
Question by: Steve Maltby on 4 Mar 2021, 09:24
Hi Steve

The grass sowing season is generally from March - September. You can confidently sow grass seed when temperatures are 8-10 degrees and above consistently for at least two weeks with no adverse weather conditions forecast. Always consult a two week forecast prior to sowing.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 4 Mar 2021, 09:26
We have a puppy who has burnt patches into our lawn, I need to repair these but also want it to be strong for it’s high use. Do I get this or the superstar as I am confused which would be best?
Question by: dean clarkson on 22 Mar 2021, 21:57
Hi Dean

Whilst this is a great mix for those gardens that find themselves continuing to need overseeded I'm not sure it will withstand the dog urine. You are better with a more hardwearing mix such as FAMILY: Kids & Pets. This will create a hardwearing, durable lawn but it won't be completely tolerant to the dog urine. We actually have a blog on this in our Help & Advice section which you may find helpful.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 23 Mar 2021, 09:08
Last year I over-seeded with so called ‘drought resistant’ lawn seed after scarify. I think i over-seeded and it became very thatchy. So if I scarify this month, would your self repair seed be OK? Does it have its own fertiliser or would i need to fertilise? If yes, what fertiliser would you recommend? Thanks
Question by: Charmaine on 27 Sept 2021, 15:15
Hi Charmaine, we do not have a grass seed that has it's own fertiliser and you would need to apply this prior to sowing. You might want to consider our QUICK RELEASE: Pre-Seed Fertiliser. It provides the soil and seed with all the nutrients they need. It helps to create a great foundation for sowing new seed whilst strengthening existing grass. It will also help increase germination and establishing a strong root system. You should mow the lawn before applying it - the recommended spreading rate is 70g per m2. It is a granular fertiliser so will need to be watered in after it is applied. Once the granules are dissolved you are safe to seed.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 28 Sept 2021, 14:16
My front lawn is under trees. Not necessarily overshadowed by trees now we have cut back. But the area in front of where overhang was is more weeds than grass, and it’s matted. Would like to send you a pic. I want to know what to treat it with to get grass back to match rest of the fro t of my property.
Question by: Sandra Levy on 10 Aug 2021, 15:02
Hi, if you want to send some pictures to [email protected], we can take a look and offer some advice.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 10 Aug 2021, 15:06
Hi we have had leatherjackets in our lawn this spring. Recently treated and hopefully removed.
What is the best seed bag recommend to restore the grass .
Question by: Laura Leadbeater on 13 Apr 2021, 18:43
Hi Laura

If you want to email some pictures to [email protected], we can take a look and offer a few suggestions.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 14 Apr 2021, 08:43
Do birds eat this seed
Question by: Michael McNally on 15 Jun 2021, 03:27
Hi Michael

Birds will eat all seed, but it is not their preferred source of food and they tend to head to the gardens when their own food source is depleted which doesn't happen often at this time of year. However, there are things you could do to help minimise the chances. Hanging a bird feeder will keep them distracted and full, also hanging something shiny in the lawn such as CDs & DVDs will help keep them at bay.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 17 Jun 2021, 09:33
Is this a fast or SLOW growing product?
I am after a slow growth grass seed for my front garden and at the same time repair the dry bits.
Question by: Aref Tashnizi on 26 Aug 2022, 15:29
Hi, our RESTORE: Self Repair Lawn is a good quality mix. If you find that there are pockets of damage throughout the lawn the Zurich creeping ryegrass will spread throughout any dents or holes to fill them in. This is a long-term solution to overseeding, especially if this is something you find yourself doing often. This mix would grow at a normal rate.

I would suggest our most slow growing mix, such as Low Upkeep & Slow Grow Grass Seed, whilst it is slower to establish it is also hard-wearing, drought tolerant and is able to grow in low nutrient soils. In warmer weather, this mixture would grow relatively quickly. It can also tolerate a close mow meaning that you get longer between each one. Low Upkeep & Slow Grow can also be left to grow longer and could reach an ultimate height of 60-80cm.

I would also recommend our STATEMENT: Front Lawn mixture if you’re looking for something that is slower to grow and more of a “show” grass. It creates an ornamental lawn that needs a lot of care and attention, but looks extremely fine and very impressive – it is made up of 100% fescue, which is finer grass species and will not withstand heavy traffic. This mix can be mown quite short and will be dense to give a soft feeling underfoot.
Answer by: Helen McGale on 29 Aug 2022, 12:10
Hi. Do I need to overseed with topsoil or can I just spread the seed after raking, rake over, and trample down by foot?
Question by: Ryan on 14 Jul 2021, 09:23
Hi Ryan, you don't have to use topsoil, everything you mentioned will work just fine
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 14 Jul 2021, 11:20
Do I need top soil and if so what do you recommend me to buy, thank you for your time, I wish you well!
Question by: Joao Martins on 29 Sept 2022, 20:47
Hi Joao,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Our seed does not require top soil to germinate. However, if you feel your soil is of poor quality or is unlevel (dips in certain places) then we would recommend that you add top soil to create a fine and level seedbed.

Our SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn is a great choice if you have normal soil and are not concerned with shaded areas. It is one of our most popular products and a general "all-rounder". It’s durable, hardwearing and will tolerate wear and tear. It is also quick to establish and relatively low maintenance.

If you find that there are pockets of damage throughout the lawn our RESTORE: Self Repair Lawn contains Zurich creeping ryegrass that will spread throughout any dents or holes to fill them in. This is a long term solution to overseeding, especially if this something you find yourself doing often.
Answer by: Colm Hicks on 30 Sept 2022, 08:36
Hi, I'm after a grass seed that will cope with heavy use. We only have a small garden but we have clay soil which stays very wet. Also 2 children that like to bounce basket balls on it which kills any grass we've tried so far. Just to make things even more complicated it would be great if there was a seed that will grow in winter so that it gets a good few months without anyone going on it. Is there anything that would be suitable?
Question by: Amanda jones on 17 Jan 2022, 12:37
Hi, thank you for your question. If your lawn suffers from clay soils then we would recommend our IMPRESS: Clay Master Lawn Seed for this area. It is a specially blended grass seed mixture designed for clay and heavy clay soil conditions. The tall fescue component has a strong deep rooting system which not only allows it to penetrate your clay soils effectively but ensures a drought tolerant lawn, especially in soils that are prone to dryness. The perennial ryegrass in this mix makes way for a fast-growing and hard-wearing lawn to thrive.

Gardens are dormant during winter months, so regardless of the seed all grass is slower to grow during this time. However, to help maintain the lawn throughout the year we do recommend a seasonal fertiliser. A Spring/Summer and an Autumn/Winter fertiliser will help maintain the garden throughout the year.

Clay soils do suffer from drainage issues and we would also recommend that you aerate your garden to help minimise the damage this can cause. Problematic soils do require a little more maintenance than normal lawns and without any maintenance the garden will continue to struggle regardless of the seed.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 17 Jan 2022, 13:08

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