Choosing the best shade grass seed

Choosing the best shade grass seed
Is your lawn not looking its best due to lack of sunlight? Choosing shade grass seed will help your lawn thrive in these difficult growing conditions ensures you get the lush, emerald-green lawn you’ve been hoping for!
In most cases, every garden has at least a little shade. But unfortunately, regular grass seed struggles to grow in these sunlight deprived areas, and it’s very common for shade to damage the growth of your grass seed! Sun blockers like large trees, walls or buildings will stop sun rays from reaching your lawn, and cause your grass to find it difficult to flourish. And this is why choosing shade-tolerant grass — also known as shade grass seed — is the best choice to ensure grass grows well in your shaded lawn!We know lawn care can be tough when you have difficult growing conditions.  But to overcome this problem we have developed two easy-to-use seed mixtures, STEADFAST: Shade and STEADFAST: Ultra Shade, which grow very will in areas with reduced sunlight.We have created these specialist grass seed mixtures after carefully researching and testing grass lawns in shaded conditions. We have chosen the perfect shade-tolerant selection of grass varieties and added them to both mixtures.Check out our video below, which explains how our specialist shade grass seed is the best choice for growing in these challenging conditions: shaded lawn mixtures rejuvenate shade-damaged grass to luscious and vibrantly green grass.

Grass seed for a lawn in shade

Our STEADFAST: Shade is a grass seed designed to grow in shaded areas of lawns, particularly those damaged by garden trees or dappled areas of your garden’s grass. STEADFAST is a hardwearing shade grass seed mixture which boasts magnificent results in repairing a lawn in shade.

Lawn in shade mixture breakdown

  • Perennial Ryegrass (15%): This grass seed species offers excellent lawn shade tolerance and grows with a rich, dark green colour. And it will also grow well with other grass seed species!
  • Strong Creeping Fescue (35%): Has a high shoot density, relatively slow growth and very fine needle-like leaves. It thrives under a wide range of conditions, in particular light, restricted soils such as shaded lawns.
  • Smooth Stalked Meadow grass (10%): Known in America as Kentucky Bluegrass. This species is extremely hardwearing with excellent repair capabilities to bring your shade-damaged lawn back to life. It also makes a denser turf than fescue, a useful addition to shade mixtures.
  • Hard Fescue (40%): Noted for being particularly low maintenance and offers a particularly upright growth habit. It also grows in poor soil conditions along with areas of low shade.

Grass seed for a lawn in heavy shade

STEADFAST: Ultra Shade grass seed is perfect for gardens and lawns with very low exposure to sunlight.
  • This expertly blended lawn seed mixture will rescue lawns damaged by shade caused by high fences and walls. It also contains the exceptional shade-tolerant grass species Poa Supina which, when sown in May, will germinate to offer the best results due to the warm soil.

Mixture Breakdown for a heavily shaded lawn

  • Smooth Stalked Meadow grass (40%) is also known as Kentucky Bluegrass in America. This species is an extremely has excellent repair capabilities. It has the advantage of making a denser turf than fescue, so it is a useful addition to shade mixtures.
  • Hard Fescue (50%) is noted for being particularly low maintenance & offers a particularly upright growth habit. Hard Fescue is known to grow very well in poor soil conditions along with areas of low shade, such as lawn-shaded areas.
  • Poa Supina (10%) is an exceptionally shade-tolerant species which is quite expensive however is known to have "grown where no grass has grown before". Its resistance to soil disease and aggressive growth make it for heavily shaded or damaged lawn areas.
Find out how to in our how to sow grass seed video.We also have a detailed blog post highlighting the benefits of using our STEADFAST range of shade grass seed.If you have any questions about our products or would like to discuss something about the unique growing challenges in your own garden, please get in touch; we are always happy to help.