What lawn fertiliser should I use?

What lawn fertiliser should I use?

With so many options to fertilise your lawn, it can be tricky to know what’s the right grass fertiliser for your garden at certain times of the year or when you plan to carry out lawn maintenance.

What lawn fertiliser should I use for a new lawn?

When sowing a new lawn from scratch, we recommend using our QUICK RELEASE: Pre-Seed fertiliser. You can use grass fertiliser on a new lawn around the six-week mark. However, what if you already have an established lawn? In that case, you should aim for two slow release fertiliser applications per year or consider our fast-acting liquid fertiliser to give your lawn a quick and intensive nutrient boost in a matter of days!

Knowing how and when it is best to fertilise your lawn is ideal for the best outcome and will ensure your pets and local wildlife are safe, too! Our fertiliser guide has detailed information on many of the terms and processes discussed in this post – and this will help you choose the best lawn food for your garden.

When should I apply a slow release fertiliser?

Slow release fertilisers provide a steady feed over a more extended period, ensuring that your lawn is fed and protected when it needs it most. Two slow-release applications of these granular fertilisers in one year can help ensure your lawn is in good health for most of the year.

This means applying SLOW RELEASE: Autumn / Winter from September onwards to protect your lawn from frost and winter-borne disease. Likewise, our SLOW RELEASE: Spring / Summer is ideal for use from April onwards to give your lawn the boost it needs and keep it lush and green. Both these slow-release options work over the course of four months and feed your grass continually during this time to keep your lawn growing healthy and strong!

When to use a quick-release fertiliser?

The quick-release versions of these granular fertilisers will give faster results, feeding your lawn for a shorter period of time. This is ideal for feeding your lawn quickly in mid-summer if it needs a boost or if you have left fertilising late in the season.

The same applies to our quick-release liquid fertiliser options; these fast-acting liquid lawn food options are designed to feed your lawn quickly and bring it back to health rapidly. The benefit of the quick-release liquid fertiliser is that it gets to work instantly and will begin showing results within only a few days!

If your lawn is established, suffering from weeds or moss and is six months + old, you can use our Feed, Weed and Moss Killer.

What lawn fertiliser should I use for an organic garden?

Suppose you want to keep your lawn healthy all year round but want to avoid applying chemical applications. In that case, we recommend using our REVIVE: Organic 365 - this fertiliser is entirely organic and can be applied all year round. Apply this fertiliser when your lawn is not dormant, avoiding months such as December and January for best results.

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