SLOW RELEASE: Autumn / Winter Fertiliser

  • 4-month premium protection
  • A steady feed for your lawn throughout winter
  • Helps to fight winter disease and frost in one application
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Product Description

Slow Release: Autumn/Winterprovides your lawn with the ultimate protection from winter disease and frost. High levels of potassium help to harden your grass against extreme cold weather conditions and preserves your lawns appearance until spring / summer. One application offers 4 months coverage during your lawn’s harshest months, resulting in a hardy and healthy sward come the following summer. 

This fertiliser carries minimal risk of scorching your grass blades, however, remember to water it off or apply just before the rain is due. For more information on all things fertiliser, read our Fertiliser FAQs.

Mixture Breakdown

NPK 8.0.6
1.0% Magnesium
2.0% Iron (fe)

Usage Guide

Apply our fertiliser at the recommended rate by hand when wearing a glove or by using a spreader
Water the fertiliser in until it dissolves
Keep kids and pets away from the lawn during application and until the granules dissolve
Remove / water off any footwear you were wearing during the application of the fertiliser to avoid any risk of damage to newly laid patios / stone flag flooring

Not watering your fertiliser in can potentially scorch existing grass or delay the benefits of the fertiliser.If after watering the fertiliser does not disappear and dissolve off the surface, water until you cannot see the granules.

You can apply this fertiliser from August to October. For a more instant effect going into winter, you may wish to consider our QUICK RELEASE: Autumn / Winter fertiliser.

Use August to October
Spreading Rate 35 grams per m2
Watering This fertiliser MUST be watered in - granules should not be visible after application if watered in sufficiently.


If you are planning to overseed or sow a new lawn from scratch, you can do so once the fertiliser granules have dissolved

For more information on all things fertiliser, read our Fertiliser FAQs.

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