When should I fertilise my lawn?

When should I fertilise my lawn?
The short answer – normally twice a year, but timing is key! Whether it is spring, summer, or autumn, your lawns will be eager for food, and while lawns come in different shapes and sizes, they love being fed a diet of high-quality, premium fertiliser.

When using fertilisers to keep your lawn green and healthy, you should know the two main factors to determine when to fertilise your lawn and which one to use.

1. How the weather impacts when you fertilise

Your lawn is a fussy grower, and depending on temperatures, the growth rate of your lawn will vary. Think of your lawn as wanting to hibernate during the frosty winter months, with growth approaching a standstill before coming out well-rested in warmer spring months and speeding back up again. We recommend you fertilise your lawn before the temperatures drop at the end of autumn, keeping it healthy and protecting it from frost and winter-borne diseases, and again in spring to protect it from extreme heat and drought during summer. Ideally you want to fertilise your lawn when you expect a good amount of rain, so it does the job for you – otherwise, water the granules in yourself until they disappear.

2. How seasons impact when you fertilise

Depending on where you live, the temperatures associated with seasonal change could arrive at various times. If you live in the south of England, warmer spring/summer weather could arrive in early March, while if you live in the north of Scotland, this weather might take until mid-April. So, keep an eye on the weather forecast for the ideal temperatures before you get to work! 

Our product names specify the seasons they are for, Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer, and are mixed using NPK levels that optimise the nutrients your grass needs at that time of year. The spring/summer fertiliser has more nitrogen to help boost top growth, while our autumn/winter fertiliser features more phosphate and potassium to promote root growth and strengthen the grass against disease. This guide has been developed to help you decide which fertiliser is right for your lawn throughout the year, making your lawn the talk of your street.


Not quite panic stations, but this is the first opportunity to get your lawn in shape for the upcoming season. Once temperatures consistently hit 8-10 degrees, this is the perfect time to fertilise and use a Quick Release: Spring / Summer Fertiliser to kickstart the season, providing your lawn with the nutrients it needs with an intensive 6-week feed, adding a greenness back to your lawn and preparing it for the upcoming summer.

First Feed (March - June)

This is where the fun begins with your lawn, as it will be in full growth mode and ready for its next round of fertiliser. Adding our Slow Release: Spring / Summer Fertiliser will provide your lawn with the complete feed solution for summer in one swift application, giving it the nutrients it needs all summer long, allowing you to relax and admire its beauty. 

Bonus Feed (July - August)

Bonus summer tip: Apply an optional second dose of our nitrogen-rich  Quick Release: Spring / Summer Fertiliser.

Lawn growth is slowing down and summer temperatures place your garden under stress from the heat. If your lawn is starting to look a little yellow from the extra traffic and summer heat, this is the perfect time to apply a quick release product to help green up your lawn in time for all those summer barbeques!

Final Feed (September - December)

Summer winds down and so do the temperatures, with the much-needed rain your garden loves returning. This is the perfect time to aerate your lawn, helping your lawn 'breathe' and nutrients to flow more freely, allowing it to absorb its autumn feed. Applying our Slow Release: Autumn / Winter Fertiliser provides your lawn with the ultimate protection from winter disease and frost. Elevated levels of potassium within the mix help to harden your grass against the winter cold and preserves the appearance of your lawn until the following spring/summer, meaning you will have a head start on the neighbours and be able to show it off!