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Aeration - How to Aerate Your Lawn

Keep it Healthy: Find out how and why to use Aeration for your grass and garden.

Why use aeration on your lawn

Air pores in the soil help water move through the soil. Oxygen in the air is also needed for root respiration.

If you have heavy or compacted soil it is helpful to aerate your soil and let the lawn breathe. This will help your grass grow and prevents waterlogging and moss build up.

How to get air into your soil

Avoid doing this in very dry or very wet conditions.

Spiking, Slitting and Coring

With a garden fork

Firmly spike the surface down to at least 30mm

Move the fork back and forward a little then pull out.

This cracks the soil a little and creates a hole in the soil to allow air in.

Doing this during the spring and autumn season has a good effect on the lawn.

With a slitter

These are a series of blades on a roller and can be push types or automated.

These impact a greater area and are often quicker to use but may not be consistent in depth across the lawn.

With a corer

These take a core of soil out of the ground which is usually only when the soil needs better aeration and drainage. The holes can be filled (topdressed) with sand to help water pass through the soil.

Usually used by groundsmen who need to improve their soil profile

The cores are removed, then broken up and raked into the surface, the grass tufts can be lifted by the mower on the next cut.

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