Slow Release

Slow Release
The Grass People's slow release fertiliser range provide a longer lasting and steady release of nutrients for up to 12 weeks. Both the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter fertilisers are granular in composition and can be applied by hand or by spreader. Browse the range of fertilisers below.
    REVIVE: Organic 365 Fertiliser
    • 16-20 weeks coverage
    • 100% Organic fertiliser
    • Can be applied all year round
    From £62.40 £52.00
    SLOW RELEASE: Spring / Summer Fertiliser
    • 4-month nitrogen rich feed
    • Promotes greeness & growth
    • Only one application needed
    From £73.20 £61.00
    SLOW RELEASE: Autumn / Winter Fertiliser
    • 4-month premium protection
    • A steady feed for your lawn throughout winter
    • Helps to fight winter disease and frost in one application
    From £73.20 £61.00
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