Friendly fertiliser: Is fertiliser safe for pets?

Friendly fertiliser: Is fertiliser safe for pets?
Friendly fertiliser: Is fertiliser safe for pets?
Dogs. They’re fun, furry, friendly and… frustrating when it comes to getting anything done in the garden! Here’s how to keep those pesky pups away from freshly laid fertiliser.

Here at The Grass People, not only are we grass lovers, but we’re also pet lovers. A question we often get asked is whether fertiliser is safe or not for pets, and you’ll be glad to know we would never want to see any harm come to your canine companions, so we’ve created our three fertiliser aftercare tips to keep your pets safe and sound.

1. Time out

We know its near-on impossible to keep your pooch from escaping through the patio doors, but it is vital before, during and after spreading a fertiliser. We recommend that after spreading your fertiliser, you wait at least 48 hours before letting your dog out into the garden. By this time, the soil will have absorbed the fertiliser, and those ever-curious canines won’t be able to get their hands (or paws) on it.

2. Water it in

Our home use fertilisers are granular fertilisers. This means they need to be watered in after they have been applied. If you don’t water your fertiliser in, the granules will sit on top of the soil, and should a pet escape – they could accidentally chow them down.

3. Follow the instructions

It is vital that you follow the instructions on the back of your fertiliser product, as this will help you to avoid using too much of it on your lawn – therefore putting your pet at a greater risk if all of the fertiliser does not absorb into the ground after 48 hours. As a quick point of reference, our recommended spreading rate for our home use fertilisers is 35g per m2 – no more, no less.

It is up to you as your pooches human to decide the best fertiliser option for you, them and your lawn but like most things – prevention is the best cure. These steps are what we recommend to ensure not only a great green lawn, but also a healthy hound!