Types of grass seed: Getting the most out of your mixture

Types of grass seed: Getting the most out of your mixture
In many cases, unless you consider yourself a lawn expert - you’ll buy a bag of grass seed and not know or care what seed you’re sowing providing it grows!
You will have also, most likely, looked at the description and decided that it was the grass seed for you. Well, we’re here to tell you just what those individual seeds do and where you can find them in our products and why they make a difference so you know you’re getting the most out of your grass seed mixture!

Fescues grass seed mixtures

Fescues are fancy. You can find fescue grass seeds in most ‘luxury’ grass seed mixtures, and you can find them in all of our grass seed mixtures for your home garden. This is because we believe quality is simple and achieving a great lawn at home shouldn’t be hard. There are different types of fescues, so we’re going to tell you what each one of them does and will do for your lawn!

Chewings Fescue

Named after Mr Chewings who first grew this grass seed! Mr Chewings was onto a good thing, as Chewings Fescue is fine-leafed (fancy), drought tolerant, salt tolerant and suits close mowing – and ideal for an ornamental lawn.

Strong Creeping Red Fescue

You’ll find Strong Creeping Red Fescue in most of our mixes too, this is because it is GREAT at helping to establish your lawn. Instead of growing solely upwards like most grasses, creeping fescues will weave themselves into your other grasses to help sustain a substantial sward.

Slender Creeping Red Fescue

Slender Creeping Red Fescue isn’t unlike its strong sister, but its leaves are much finer, that’s why you’ll find it in our STATEMENT: Front Lawn mixture to help achieve those stripes that leave you and your neighbours utterly starstruck!

Sheeps Fescue

No, a sheep did not first grow this grass seed a la Mr Chewings! Sheeps Fescue is used occasionally as a pasture grass – but is also an incredibly shade-tolerant grass that will help the grass grow in areas with dappled sunlight. That’s why we popped it in our Steadfast: Shade mixture!

Smooth Stalked Meadow grass seed mixture

This grass is a smooth mover – shade and drought tolerant, hard wearing with the added ability to recover well after heavy use. You’ll find our Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass in both our shade mixes – STEADFAST: Shade and STEADFAST: Ultra Shade. Why? Because it’s just that good at growing in the shade! 

Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial Ryegrass is common across 3 of our mixes – FAMILY: Kids & Pets, SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn and STEADFAST: Shade, and this is because it’s a real all-rounder. Hard-wearing, temperature tolerant, fast-growing, and germinating at low temperatures, this is a grass seed that knows how to perform – whatever the weather!

Zurich Creeping Perennial Ryegrass

You’ll only find Zurich grass in our RESTORE: Self Repairing Lawn. It’s not often that you hear that grass seed is revolutionary – but this perennial ryegrass sure is! Its ability to ‘creep’, i.e. intertwine with other grasses, makes it a self-repairing dream.

Poa Supina

The only mix you’ll find Poa Supina in is our STEADFAST: Ultra Shade. If there were Britain’s Next Top Model for grass seed, Poa Supina would be worthy of an audition! Considered an ‘elite’ grass seed, Poa Supina is absolutely excellent at growing in little light and is also extremely hard-wearing. It will take a little longer to establish, but once it has, your Poa Supina may be subject to a little bit of paparazzi from your neighbours, who will be wondering where you got it from!So now you know what goes into our products and what you can get out of them, why not try some of our miraculous mixes?And if you require information, we have guides on how to sow grass seed, different grasses suited to different soils and when it's best to start planting grass seed.