When to feed a lawn

When to feed a lawn

When to feed a lawn

Feeding your lawn is crucial for maintaining its health, thickness, and overall appearance throughout the year. Proper care and attention will help you achieve the perfect garden lawn you’ve been hoping for, and with the right advice, it’s not hard to achieve. One of the best ways to do this is by regularly fertilising your lawn, which ensures your grass gets the nutrients it needs.

Knowing when to feed a lawn

Understanding the timing is key, and knowing when to feed your lawn will greatly contribute to its well-being! The best time to apply fertiliser is during your grass’s active growth period, typically from March to October. Temperatures in the UK are perfect for growing grass during these months, and this is also the ideal time to feed your lawn, encouraging it to thrive. We also recommend feeding your lawn at least twice yearly to boost its growth and help it build resilience against common lawn diseases and pests.

Since your lawn enters a state of dormancy from November to February, it’s best to fertilise your grass in autumn before winter frosts arrive. This will protect it against the hardship of cold and wet winter weather and kickstart its growth the following spring.

Spring vs Autumn Feeding

Feeding your lawn in the spring and autumn benefits your lawn, and we recommend you feed your lawn a slow-release fertiliser once after winter, followed by a quick-release mid-summer to give your grass a boost, and then a slow-release feed once again in late autumn to prepare your lawn for the coldness of winter.

  • A slow-release spring feed helps revitalise it after winter and enhances the soil’s nutrient level for the warmer months.
  • A mid-summer quick-release feed is optional, keeping your lawn growing well during the busy months.
  • An autumn slow-release feed provides a long-lasting nutrient supply for the upcoming winter months, ensuring your lawn is prepared for the challenges of colder weather.

So, planning when to apply your lawn fertiliser will ensure you get the best results.  

Similar to our grass seed mixtures, each fertiliser in our range is tailored for a specific purpose or use. Doing this guarantees that every application provides the most beneficial nutrients for your lawn during that time of year.

Choosing the right fertiliser when feeding your lawn

Always select a seasonal fertiliser and avoid using spring/summer feed during winter or vice versa. Using the wrong fertiliser during the wrong season can harm your lawn rather than benefit it. To simplify the selection process, we break down our fertiliser range below and explain their benefits and when it’s best to use them:

Pre-Seed Feeding:

If you plan to establish a new lawn from scratch, consider using our QUICK RELEASE: Pre-Seed fertiliser. This product provides a strong foundation for seedlings, promoting healthy growth and ensuring the strong development of your new grass. Besides supplying essential nutrients, it accelerates growth, quickly making your lawn lush and vibrant. For optimal results, apply at a rate of 70g per m² using a spreader or by hand (wearing protective gloves) and thoroughly water it in before sowing your new lawn.

Spring/Summer Feeding:

As temperatures rise during spring and summer, your lawn experiences increased activity and usage. Preparing your lawn for the coming wear and tear of family gatherings, summer BBQs and kids and pets playing in your garden will ensure it remains healthy and green all summer.

Our spring/summer fertilisers contain a higher nitrogen level (NPK breakdown) than our autumn/winter fertilisers. Nitrogen encourages grass blades to emerge quickly from the soil, improves root development and increases common grass disease resistance.

Both our QUICK RELEASE: Spring/Summer fertiliser and our SLOW RELEASE: Spring/Summer fertiliser are perfect for boosting the growth of your lawn during these months.

QUICK RELEASE: Spring/Summer

  • Fast-acting spring/summer fertiliser
  • Works over a 6-week period
  • Promotes instant greenness and immediate health
  • Quickly revitalises your lawn

SLOW RELEASE: Spring/Summer

  • Works over an extended 12-16 week period
  • Provides a steady, longer-lasting feed
  • Promotes greenness & growth
  • Only one application is required per year

Autumn/Winter Feeding

While spring/summer fertilisers prioritise quick growth and greenness during warmer weather, our autumn/winter fertilisers focus on strengthening and fortifying grassroots for the cold and wet UK winter weather. Winter poses various challenges to your lawn, such as cold temperatures, frost, ice, and snow. Our autumn/winter fertilisers are enriched with potassium, phosphates, and magnesium to tackle these challenges. They are designed to strengthen roots and leaf blades, which builds resistance to protect your lawn during severe weather conditions.

You can choose between our SLOW RELEASE: Autumn/Winter fertiliser or our QUICK RELEASE: Autumn/Winter fertiliser.

SLOW RELEASE: Autumn/Winter

  • 4-month premium protection
  • High in nitrogen and potassium with added magnesium and iron
  • Strengthens grassroots and leaves for winter protection
  • Helps to fight winter disease and frost in one application

QUICK RELEASE: Autumn/Winter

  • Six weeks of intensive protection for your lawn through winter
  • High in potassium and phosphates
  • Strengthens leaf blades and roots to protect against diseases and frost

Organic Lawn Food

If you are interested in an organic approach, we offer our REVIVE: Organic 365 fertiliser. It consists of 100% organic matter and contains a lower nitrogen level. It quickly feeds your grass, nourishes the soil and improves your lawn’s tolerance to drought and disease. Unlike other fertilisers, this fertiliser can be used to feed your lawn all year round.  

More advice on when to feed a lawn

To learn more about fertilisers, feel free to explore our Help & Advice pages and look at our FAQs section for additional guidance.

Our fertiliser guide is also a helpful resource that will get you up to speed on the ins and outs of lawn feeding if you’re new to this process.

If you have any questions about the fertiliser or any other products we sell, please send us a message; we are always happy to help.

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