It's Spring - Here's our Spring Grass Seed UK Essential Guides


Spring has officially sprung! Daffodils are in bloom, the evenings are longer and temperatures are on the up – in most parts of the UK!

Spring is a great time of the year to pull on our gardening gloves and venture back outside to try and salvage our grass from the effects of the winter winds and rain.

To help with that, we have put together some guides to share our expert knowledge and product advice so that you can have your lawn looking its very best just in time for summer!

Finding the right grass seed

While there are plenty of grass seed mixtures to choose from, finding the right one that is fit for purpose will make all the difference in how your grass will end up looking. Whether you are planning on sowing a new lawn this spring or you are overseeding your lawn, we recommend taking some time to find out what grass seed you need. This will vary from home to home, but we are sure that with our wide product range, there is something suited to everyone.

Sowing a new lawn

Once you have identified a grass seed that is suited to your garden, soil type and usage, then you can start to look at how to sow your new lawn. Unfortunately, sowing a new lawn from scratch isn't' as easy as just throwing the seed down and hoping for the best. But if you're new to this, our information packed guides will help you to navigate your way through sowing a new lawn.

Overseeding an existing lawn

Overseeding is the process of sowing new grass seed onto existing grass. Normally it is done to help repair thinning or bare patches from wear and tear or from weeds and pests being removed. It is a straightforward and relatively easy way of reviving your lawn after whatever has caused it to look a bit rough around the edges.

Caring for your lawn

No matter how much time, love and effort we put into our lawns, weeds, moss and pests can crop up over time. Even with the most rigorous grass care regime, your lawn can still fall victim to a patch of moss, weeds or pest damage. Fear not, most of these are easy to fix and shouldn't cause long lasting damage to your lawn, unless they are left untreated.

Fertiliser - what is it and how should you use it.

Fertiliser is a her product when it comes to lawn care and maintaining a healthy lawn. It will provide your lawn with a whole host of beneficial ingredients, and depending on the fertiliser you go for, it can feed your lawn for up 16 weeks. We have a range of Quick Release and Slow Release fertilisers that will help to boost the appearance and health of your grass. During this time of the year, using a spring/summer fertiliser will be most beneficial to your grass and it will help to see it through the summer months, ensuring its health and vibrancy. Whereas, during winter, you would opt for the autumn/winter fertiliser.

Find out what fertiliser you need and how to use it with our easy to follow guides below;

Grow wild this Spring!

Spring is one of two times during the year when you can sow your wildflowers. Choosing to sow in spring will mean that you will have a blooming display of wildflowers in the early summer months. If you haven't sown a wildflower garden before, our guides will help you to choose the right mix, teach you how to sow them and also give you some tips on how to manage them.

We hope that our spring guide provides some inspiration to get outside and get sowing, growing and mowing this spring season. If there is anything that you need help with that isn't covered in our guides above, make sure to check out our help and advice pages. Alternatively, you can contact our experts on [email protected].

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