How to control weeds in a newly seeded lawn

How to control weeds in a newly seeded lawn

When your new grass starts to grow, it can be quite alarming when weeds start to grow with it. Sometimes, despite the most thorough seedbed preparation, weeds can lay dormant in soil until the conditions are made perfect for them to make an appearance – such as a reseed.

However, you can get rid of these weeds as quickly as they appear. Keep reading for advice on how to control weeds on your newly seeded lawn to ensure your grass seed grows as well as it can!The important thing to remember when new weeds appear in your newly sown lawn is not to act hastily – do not apply a Feed, Weed and Moss Killer type product of any kind on a newly sown lawn.

Although this can be frustrating, and we can appreciate that a quick solution will be desired, the good news about these types of weeds is that they are largely shallow rooting and should come out with the first mow at the 6-8 week mark after sowing. They should be easy to pull out of the turf if they don't.

Some weed killers control weeds better than others

If the weeds recur past the 6-8-week mark, you may consider using a selective herbicide to spot-spray your weeds. Some weed killers, such as glyphosate (Roundup), kill more than just weeds, so it's essential not to apply these. This is because they can kill your grass if not done correctly. Shop-bought selective weed killers will recommend when to apply their product and how often - you should read the instructions thoroughly before use.

In short, here's what you should do if you encounter weeds in your newly seeded lawn:

  1. Don't panic - don't use a Feed, Weed and Moss Killer product on a new lawn
  2. These weeds will be shallow rooting; you can pull them out by hand
  3. Or wait until the 6-8 week mark to mow them out
  4. If the weeds are persistent and reoccurring, use a selective herbicide to spot-treat them

If you find that when the lawn is at least six months old and has been taken over by weeds or moss, you can use a Feed, Weed and Moss Killer product.