How to remove weeds in your lawn

How to remove weeds in your lawn

If you are beginning to see lots of creeping stem or weeds, unusual leaves and even some flowers throughout your lawn, firstly let us tell you are not on your own!

Weed control for a grass lawn

Many lawn owners find weeds growing within their grass, and in most cases, it’s not exactly the look they are going for. Luckily these unsightly features in the lawn are a problem which is simple to solve, and during in spring or early summer, it is the perfect time to get to work and treat it.

Weeds in your grass and what are they?

Weeds are invasive plants that compete with our grass and can take over if not treated. They usually appear as dandelions, daisies or other variations. Tell-tale signs are if the grass appears uneven and patchy or flowers start to pop up throughout the lawn.

How to remove weeds from your lawn

There are two options for removing weeds from your grass, first is to manually dig out the weeds or the second is to apply a chemical weed killer. You can use both methods if your lawn is established (6 months + old) but do not use a Feed, Weed and Moss Killer on a newly seeded lawn.To dig out, we can use techniques such as aerating and scarifying the lawn or digging out the weeds with a spade and patching with grass seed.

Using Feed & Weed to Remove Weeds

Alternatively, you can apply a fertiliser such as Feed, Weed and Mosskiller, which will provide nutrients to the grass and root system while killing off any undesirables in the lawn. Be sure to follow the instructions on the bag when applying. This weed killer usually takes around two weeks to work and can be easily recognised by the moss and weeds turning black. Simply scarify out the dead grasses and reseed if necessary.