Best Grass Seed for UK Lawns 2024

Best grass seed mixes for UK lawns 2024

We pride ourselves on quality and deliver only the best grass seed for UK lawns, ensuring there is a grass seed solution to suit the needs of all our customers. Since not everyone uses their garden the same way, and many different soil types can make growing the perfect garden lawn challenging, we have developed a range of grass seed mixes to suit everyone’s needs to make sure you have a garden lawn to be proud of, for you and the whole family to enjoy all year round!

Most UK garden lawns are used by families, kids or pets all year round, while others are ornamental lawns that look like works of art and are mainly for show. Therefore, picking the best grass seed for your lawn's needs is important. This is why following our helpful advice below will give you the best results and help you achieve beautiful, lush green grass in your garden.

With all this in mind, selecting the best grass seed for your lawn will be easy with our tips below.

Best grass seed for UK lawns

We are so confident in our grass seeds' quality and suitability for UK growth that we introduced our Grass Seed Growth Guarantee. This is to give you the confidence that our seed will grow in your garden as long as you follow our easy-to-follow instructions for sowing – and should your seed’s growth not be as you had hoped, we will go out of our way to make it right!

All our grass seed is independently tested to ensure the highest levels of purity and germination. A bag of top-quality grass seed that meets the UK government’s Higher Voluntary Standard (HVS) must have a purity of approximately 96.5%, and all our grass seed exceeds this requirement. 

Best grass seed suited to different soils

Some grass species are better suited to growing in certain conditions than others. For example, some seeds grow better in partial shade, others prefer full shade and require virtually no sunlight, while some are better suited to clay or sandy soils, and we have grass seed mixes suited to all these conditions!

In addition to this, we have hardwearing and fast-growing grass suited to a lawn that gets a lot of footfall from family and pets, and we have grass seed that is ideal for growing a fine, ornamental lawn.

We have helpful tips on getting the most out of your grass seed mixture and a guide on grass seed for different soil types – this will get you up to speed and help you select the best grass seed for your lawn.

We like to think we have grass seed suited to every soil type; below, you can find some information on the seed types we offer:

SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn / FAMILY: Kids and Pets

Our SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn and our FAMILY: Kids and Pets mixes are durable, hardwearing and fast-growing, providing a lush green lawn. These mixes feature an expert blend of 80% perennial ryegrass (hardwearing, fast-growing) and 20% fescue (fine-leafed) seeds ideal for busy lawns that get a lot of use throughout the year.


This grass seed creates an ornamental finish that requires more care and attention than a typical UK garden lawn. If you visualise the low-cut, perfect garden lawn of a stately home or period-esque manor, our STATEMENT: Front Lawn is the grass seed that will achieve this!

STATEMENT: Front Lawn is a 100% finest fescues grass seed mix that offers the ultimate luxurious garden lawn and a bowling green lawn that can be closely mowed for those sought-after statement stripes.

In addition, this mix is ideal for homeowners who take great pleasure in the appearance of a well-kept lawn that resembles the perfect grass associated with the rolling greens of an estate or typical English country lawn. For this reason, this mix is not ideal for a garden that receives a lot of traffic.

IMPRESS: Clay Master

Created primarily to get the best from clay soils, our IMPRESS: Clay Master features tall fescue seed in its mix. This seed type has deep roots that penetrate clay soil to prevent it from being affected by dry weather and drought conditions. The IMPRESS seed mix also contains perennial ryegrass to aid fast growth and ensure durability throughout use.

If your clay soil lawn also suffers from reduced sunlight due to shade, you can combine this mix with one of our STEADFAST: Shade lawn mixes.

THRIVE: Sandy Soils

Ideal for sandy soil conditions, the THRIVE: Sandy Soils seed mix is made up of 100% fescues, which are known for their ability to thrive in soils that often suffer from drought and/or are low in nutrients. This seed mix grows very well in weak and sandy soils to create a drought-tolerant lawn that is thick and luscious.

This grass seed grows beautifully in sandy soils and breathes new life into your garden.

RESTORE: Self-Repair Lawn Seed

We applied our grass seed expertise to create a self-repairing lawn, which includes Zurich seed, a revolutionary creeping perennial ryegrass, in the mix. Once the RESTORE: Self-Repair Lawn Seed have been fully established, the creeping Zurich will cover up the damaged areas of the lawn, creating a durable and hardwearing garden lawn.

An added benefit of RESTORE is that it is a self-sufficient seed mix, which eliminates the need for reseeding to thicken up the lawn and will always keep your garden looking its best.


Our STEADFAST range is a specialist product ideal for shaded lawns where large trees, overhanging hedgerows, fences, or walls restrict light from getting to your grass. The STEADFAST seed mixes include grass seeds that grow very well in low-light conditions and will easily bring life back into the darkest areas of your garden.

  • STEADFAST: Shade grows well in areas with a partial shade that moves across the lawn throughout the day. This shade-specific mix contains 20% perennial ryegrass to add durability to your lawn, whilst a blend of 70% fescues (Strong Creeping Red Fescue, Chewings Fescue, Hard Fescue) provides lushness. We also added Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass to the mix, which makes up 10% of the blend, providing the shade tolerance that your lawn needs.
  • STEADFAST: Ultra Shade is the ultimate solution for gardens with permanently blocked shade all day where the grass is struggling to grow. This mix contains the grass super-species Poa Supina, which grows well with little to no light, often caused by overhanging trees, hedges, high-rise fences and walls.

ECO: Clover Lawn

Our ECO: Clover Lawn adds the beauty of clover to your garden lawn while significantly benefiting nature and attracting pollinating insects. This perfect mix of durable grass seed and small-leaved clover results in a low-maintenance, low-cost, climate-smart, eco-friendly solution that produces sweet-smelling clover flowers which bloom in the summer months. 

Best grass seed aftercare and maintenance

Now that you know the best grass seed for UK lawns to get your garden lusciously green again, you might be interested in our Help & Advice and Frequently Asked Questions sections. If you want more information on the quality of our grass seed or on any product or service we offer, please email us!

You can also read more about the UK Government's Higher Voluntary Standard on the official government website.