Grass Seed

Grass Seed

Whether you’re a complete novice or lawn care connoisseur, our informational yet easy-to-follow guides cover all aspects of grass seed, grass sowing, lawn seed, growing and maintenance.

  1. First frosts: How does frost affect your lawn?

    First frosts: How does frost affect your lawn?

    While there’s something very picturesque about seeing a lawn with lots of little white tips and a rising mist, this may not be the most welcome sight if you’ve recently sown new grass seed or have a newly established lawn. But fear not; frost on your lawn’s surface will not do much damage. However, you need to be careful not to walk on, crush, or flatten the blades of grass, which could hurt your lawn and stunt its growth come spring!

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  2. How to measure your lawn

    How to measure your lawn

    Lawns come in all shapes and sizes, which is wonderful, until you need to work out how to measure one that isn’t a conventional shape or size! If you plan to sow a new lawn or overseed an existing one, you will need to measure your lawn to calculate how much grass seed you’ll need.

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  3. How to get a striped lawn

    How to get a striped lawn

    Passing by a garden admiring a beautiful lawn stripes often brings a tinge of envy, but you will be happy to hear that knowing how to get a striped lawn is easy. It’s a straight forward process to do and you don’t need to bring in the professionals to achieve that classic striped look!

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  4. How long does grass seed take to grow?

    How long does grass seed take to grow?

    In ideal conditions, most grass seed species will begin to grow about 8-10 days after initial sowing. After 6-8 weeks, the grass will be fully established and provide full coverage across the lawn with no patches.

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  5. Top tips for watering your lawn

    Top tips for watering your lawn

    Too much water? Too little? How often? Perfecting your ideal watering regime is an ongoing learning experience, but our top tips will help you get it right more times than not!

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  6. How to grow a clover lawn

    How to grow a clover lawn

    Growing a clover lawn will boost the health of your soil, is great for bees and pollinators and opens the door to a more sustainable approach to lawn care. While it offers a new approach, you can keep yours the same – growing a clover lawn is as easy as growing regular grass seed!

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  7. How often should I water my lawn in summer?

    How often should I water my lawn in summer?

    A UK summer often brings some surprising weather, and the wettest summer on record or the driest summer on record can be just around the corner at any time. With this being the case, it isn’t easy to know just how much you should water your lawn, whether new or established. We offer helpful advice below to help answer the common question – “How often should I water my lawn in summer?”.

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  8. How long for grass seed to germinate?

    How long for grass seed to germinate?

    If you’re an avid gardener or a homeowner looking to establish a lush green lawn, you’ve likely experienced sowing grass seed or have considered it at some point. One of the most common questions when it comes to planting fresh grass seed is: “How long does it take for grass seed to germinate?”. And the answer is simple; it takes between 5 to 15 days for grass seed to germinate when the growing conditions are right. This is where patience and understanding of the germination process will help you grow a beautiful lawn from seed on your first attempt!

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  9. When to sow clover seeds UK

    When to sow clover seeds UK

    A question we often receive is, “when is the best time to sow clover seeds in the UK?”. The answer to this is simple, you can sow our clover seed successfully from March – September in the UK when temperatures are usually at least 8-10°C day and night. Our clover lawn seed mix also contains grass seed to encourage its all-season growth for a vibrant lawn all year round!

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  10. Hard wearing grass seed

    Hard wearing grass seed

    From heavy foot traffic to extreme weather conditions, maintaining a lush and resilient garden lawn all year round can seem like a challenge. But fear not! The solution is to use hard wearing grass seed — this approach to lawn care promises to transform your outdoor space into a durable and visually appealing sanctuary. Keep reading as we explore the benefits, grass seed mix options, and lawn aftercare tips associated with hard wearing grass seed.

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