How to use lawn fertilisers in summer

How to use lawn fertilisers in summer

Fertilising your grass has multiple benefits for your lawn! Find out how to use lawn fertilisers and fertilise grass this summer to keep your garden beautiful and vibrantly green all summer.

Using lawn fertilisers will boost grass growth, reduce weed development and keep moss at bay. Regularly applying fertilisers for lawns will feed your grass with the nutrients it needs to keep it strong, healthy and vibrantly green over the season.

What's in Lawn Fertilisers?

All fertilisers contain nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (N. P.K.). The amount of each nutrient within each of our grass feed mixtures can be found on the packaging and is relevant to the requirements of the soil during that time of year. For example, in spring and summer months, the soil is in perfect condition for growth, so a lawn fertiliser with extra nitrogen will give the lawn the boost it needs to rejuvenate after winter.

Our fertiliser guide will give you more detailed information on our range of grass fertilisers for lawns.

At The Grass People, we often have customers asking, "when should use fertilisers on my grass?" - and we recommend fertilising twice a year. Apply a feed once during spring/summer and another in autumn/winter. A third application is beneficial mid-summer to keep busy lawns beautifully green and vibrant all summer long.

Spring/Summer lawn granular fertilisers

The beauty of SLOW RELEASE: Spring/Summer fertiliser is that it will feed your lawn slowly and steadily throughout the summer months without any uneven grass growth giving your lawn a consistent appearance. It will last for around 12-16 weeks feeding the whole lawn.

Apply this fertiliser at a rate of 35g per square metre with a watering can or sprayer. This fertiliser has a minimal risk of blade scorch, so watering is not a must; however, it will greatly help the breakdown of the fertiliser granules.

QUICK RELEASE: Spring/Summer fertiliser can be just what the doctor ordered after a harsh winter. It is a quick-fix fertiliser that contains NPK 9.7.7. It is an extremely fast-working fertiliser that promotes immediate healthy grass growth and will last around six weeks.

Our QUICK RELEASE: Spring/Summer fertiliser is best applied evenly using a spreader at a rate of 70 grams per square metre. Application by hand may leave uneven patches of growth throughout your lawn. Be aware this fertiliser can scorch your grass blades, so make sure you water it off or apply it just before the rain is due. Avoid application during very hot periods; we recommend spreading in cooler evenings or overcast days.

Spring/Summer liquid lawn fertilisers

The best things about our liquid lawn fertilisers are their fast-acting, quick delivery of nutrients to get your lawn growing better and greener again!

Our Make it Grow is a dual-action liquid fertiliser designed to repair tired and worn-out-looking grass rapidly. It's ideal for use in spring and summer and gets to work instantly after applying - it quickly feeds your lawn the nutrients it needs to make it grow better!

Make it Green is also a spring/summer fast-acting liquid lawn feed that gives your grass the nutrients it needs to make it healthier, greener and lusher! It provides your grass with a nutrient-dense feed to quickly enhance its health and appearance, which will be visible in only a few days!

Just a little word of caution…

Remember to wear gloves when fertilising to protect your hands from chemicals in fertilisers. Also, avoid applying spring/summer lawn fertilisers after August. They contain too much nitrogen for autumn/winter use. This is because nitrogen encourages green leafy growth, which will not survive well in the cold.