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  1. Creating a Buzz: RHS Plants for Pollinators

    Creating a Buzz: RHS Plants for Pollinators

    In our ever-evolving world, we are all equally responsible for supporting and protecting our pollinators. These little creatures work tirelessly to keep our environment buzzing with life and maintain diversity on our planet. To help everyone get involved, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) curated a detailed list of Plants for Pollinators. We handpicked only the most beneficial wildflowers and meadow grasses from this list when creating our wildflower seed mixes to help you easily provide food for a wide variety of pollinating insects.

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  2. What grass seed for shaded areas

    What grass seed for shaded areas

    If you have shaded areas in your garden where nothing grows well or are wondering about the best grass seed to use in these parts of your lawn, we have the perfect solution for you. Our expertly selected grass seed varieties are designed to thrive in low-light conditions and ensure your lawn grows strong and remains healthy and vibrant, even when it doesn’t receive direct sunlight.

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  3. Fun facts about grass!

    Fun facts about grass!

    Grass is an essential part of our ecosystems, and is essential for life as we know it. But, there are some fun facts about grass you probably don’t know!

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  4. Why using lawn feed is important

    Why using lawn feed is important

    Your garden grass needs the correct balance of nutrients to help it maintain its durability, health and lush, green looks. So, using lawn feed is essential to keep your garden topped up with the lawn feed goodness it needs!

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  5. 2023 UK Grass Seed Guide

    2023 UK Grass Seed Guide

    Want to learn more about what goes into our mixtures, and what makes them so different? Find out in our 2023 UK grass seed guide

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  6. Why is my grass dying in patches?

    Why is my grass dying in patches?

    Even the best and most carefully looked after lawns can fall victim to patches of dying grass from time to time, and this can leave you wondering, “Why is my grass dying in patches?”. But thankfully, these areas of dying grass are easy to diagnose and don’t take long to repair. So, keep reading for advice on removing the dying patches and making your lawn healthy again.

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  7. How long does grass seed last?

    How long does grass seed last?

    Customers often ask, “how long does grass seed last”. Assuming you store it in cool, dry conditions, grass seed can last much longer than you think! In the right conditions, grass seeds can last for 2 – 3 years before their growth rates begin to decline, but most grass seeds will be sown in this timeframe anyway.

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  8. How to overseed using lawn seed with clover

    How to overseed using lawn seed with clover

    Overseeding using lawn seed with clover is as easy as overseeding with regular grass seed. The main difference is that to do it effectively, you need to use a lawn seed mixture that includes clover seeds within the mix, like our ECO: Clover Lawn.

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  9. Tips for lawn overseeding

    Tips for lawn overseeding

    If your lawn looks patchy, tired or worn out, you’re probably wondering how to fix it to get it green and healthy again? We often read our customers asking, “can I put grass seed on top of grass?” and the answer is yes, you can! This process is known as lawn overseeding and is a great way to boost your garden’s growth; it is perfect for getting rid of patchy spots and fixing thinning areas of your lawn.

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  10. Introducing our ECO: Clover Lawn

    Introducing our ECO: Clover Lawn

    We are excited to announce the launch of our new ECO: Clover Lawn product. Clover creates a beneficial habitat for local wildlife and helps increase the variety of pollinators and insects in your garden. We have researched and expertly blended different grass seed varieties with our clover to ensure that ECO: Clover Lawn will create a beautiful look for your garden while significantly benefitting nature.

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