Introducing our ECO: Clover Lawn

Introducing our ECO: Clover Lawn

Introducing our ECO: Clover Lawn

We are excited to announce the launch of our new ECO: Clover Lawn product. Clover creates a beneficial habitat for local wildlife and helps increase the variety of pollinators and insects in your garden. We have researched and expertly blended different grass seed varieties with our clover to ensure that clover lawn seed mix will create a beautiful look for your garden while significantly benefitting nature.

What makes ECO: Clover Lawn different   

ECO: Clover Lawn includes a mixture of small-leaved clover and durable grass seeds. Our clover is drought-tolerant and grows well in most soil conditions. The clover seedlings start by growing a ‘stolon’ root system that grows just below the soil’s surface, causing new stems to travel underground, spread out, and create new plants along them. It also grows dominant tap roots, which grow deeper and sprout additional roots and plants over time.

Our clover's unique double-rooting system enables roots to grow under the surface of these new plants. This allows them to grow in a broader range of climates and sustain healthy growth even when water is limited. This means that ECO: Clover Lawn handles drought and cold weather conditions better than traditional clover!

Another benefit our clover lawn offers is that it’s self-feeding. This means it eliminates the need for fertiliser since it converts or ‘fixes’ nitrogen in the air and shares it through its roots to feed companion grasses. It then feeds these nutrients back into the soil to promote a healthier lawn!

Benefits of growing a clover lawn

Growing a clover lawn is a sustainable option that looks beautiful and benefits the environment by taking nitrogen in the air and using it to feed itself, turning any existing grass into a lush shade of green.

Alongside supporting the environment, sowing a clover lawn also helps bees and pollinators through the white clover flowers that shoot up when fully grown, offering a nutrient-packed food source for them to enjoy!

What’s in ECO: Clover Lawn

For our ECO: Clover Lawn, we expertly blended a variety of our high-quality grass seeds with our small-leaved clover. This creates a drought-resistant lawn that stays green all year round - even in the coldest winters and warmest summers!

Our clover lawn mixture is made up of 45% perennial ryegrass for hardiness, 45% ryegrass to give your lawn a lush finish, and the final 5% is our microclover seed. While the 5% clover might seem like a small amount of seed in the mixture, our seed experts found that this was the best amount of clover to work with the other grasses in the mix. And since clover seeds are very small compared to grass seeds, 5% is a lot more than you think!

The clover in this low-maintenance mix acts as a natural fertiliser, meaning it is self-feeding and requires very little aftercare. And when the clover blooms, it will also attract bees and other beneficial insects to your garden, creating a habitat for local wildlife.

Mix Breakdown:

  • 5% Small Leaved Clover
  • 45% Perennial Ryegrass
  • 15% Chewings Fescue
  • 35% Strong Creeping Red Fescue

If you have any questions about our new environment-focussed ECO: Clover Lawn or any queries about how to get your garden in top shape this year, please message us, and we will be happy to help!

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