The Grass People’s Gift Card

The Grass People’s Gift Card

The Grass People’s Gift Card
The Grass People’s Gift Card is the perfect gift for your gardening friends or someone special in your life. Why not browse our range of grass seed, wildflower seed, bird food and fertiliser to get some ideas on what they could buy with their gift card?
The Grass People’s Gift Card is available with a gift value of £10 and up.Our Gift Card can be used for any product on our website - grass seed, wildflowers, fertiliser, bird food and more.

Grass Seed

We have an extensive range of grass seeds to suit every soil type, shade type and purpose. Our selection includes grass seed for home use and we also have expertly blended mixes for Landscapers, Equestrian and Sports Grasses.You can learn more with our Grass Seed Help & Advice and Grass Seed FAQs if you are unsure of what you need.


Browse our range of expertly selected wildflower seed mixes that suit different soil types, shade types and preferred displays. They are packed with the UK’s finest-quality native wildflower seeds and include flowers featured on the RHS Plants for Pollinators list. Wildflowers also create a vibrant habitat for wildlife in your garden that helps birds, bees, bugs, hedgehogs and more.You can read more on our Wildflower Seeds Help & Advice and Wildflowers Seed FAQs.

Bird Shop

Our Bird Shop features premium quality products for wild birds, local wildlife and your garden. Our collection features a selection of bird food mixes that encourage more wild birds to visit your garden. We also have nesting boxes, feeding tables and feeding stations that are all handcrafted from quality materials while our quality hanging bird feeders are easy to clean and refill.Learn More with our Wild Bird Help & Advice and Bird Shop FAQs.


We have a range of lawn fertilisers for feeding your lawn and getting it healthy again. Fertiliser also helps promote healthy soil while producing deep green-coloured grass and keeps weeds at bay. Our fertilisers are available in quick and slow-release varieties, pre-seed, and seasonal options and a highly rated Feed, Weed & Mosskiller.You can learn more with our Lawn Fertiliser Help & Advice and Lawn Fertiliser FAQs.We believe glorious green spaces, whatever their intended use, should be easy to look after, affordable, and available to everyone. After all, we live by our statement “Quality is Simple”.

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