Should I feed my birds mixtures or straights?

Should I feed my birds mixtures or straights?

If you're wondering whether mixtures or straights are the best options for your garden birds, we have put together a simple guide on how to choose the best one and some of the reasons why.

With so many choices to choose from when it comes to feeding birds and choosing the best bird food, finding the best option can often be overwhelming. And this is why we are committed to helping bird lovers 'nurture our nature' as we like to say. So, we've created this guide on mixtures and straights to help you determine what is best for you and your discerning visitors.

Let's talk about mixtures...

Naturally, we want to feed our birds the best so we can continue seeing them in our gardens. With this in mind, we curated a range of filler-free mixtures full of great fat, protein and energy sources. We create our mixtures using a range of seeds, nuts, oats and grains that come husked or huskless. This means there will be good food for everyone, from smaller birds like robins and bluetits to larger birds like the starling.

With 7 of our moreish mixtures, you may still be wondering which one is right for you. A few of our seed mixtures are ideal for being used all year round, such as our Everyday Essentials and Four Season Feast mixes. For a more season-specific mix, our Winter Wellness or Summer Glow will provide your birds with all the nutrients they need when they need it most. If you want to attract the nation's favourite robin, look no further than our Robin Ready mix, that's full of all of its favourites.

So what about straights?

Straights are a single ingredient, normally opted for by more seasoned bird feeders hoping to attract a specific type of bird to their garden. They are suitable for feeders, tables and bird platforms but work best in a specially designed feeder for peanuts or niger seed. Niger seeds are a favourite amongst finches due to their high content of rich oils that will likely boost their activity tenfold.

Another great straight we offer is black sunflower seeds, another firm favourite amongst UK wild birds. We also have sunflower hearts, which are a favourite among smaller, softer-billed birds.

All these sunflower seed options provide a great treat for all different UK birds. Sunflower hearts are a favoured snack amongst smaller beaked birds, like the wren and robin, whereas black sunflower seeds are more suited to those with larger bills, like the blue tit and great tit.

Choosing between mixtures and straights

With both options beneficial for the birds in your garden, your choice comes down to your preference and experience when it comes to feeding birds. For novice feeders, we would advise choosing one of our mixtures that will attract and cater to a range of birds. For those more experienced in feeding birds, we recommend trying some of our straights, depending on which birds you’re hoping to attract.

Whatever you choose, you can be confident that your choice is keeping your feathered guests full and healthy.