Winter Wellness High Energy Mix

  • Weight gaining bird food to keep birds warm
  • Suitable for all garden birds
  • For Autumn-Winter feeding
  • 100% Filler-Free

Product Description

Winter Wellness promises a hearty mix that will keep your birds pleasantly plump and energised throughout the challenges of winter. This bird food blend gives wild birds a filling and nutritious feed to help them get through the cold winter months.

Peanut suet pellets combined with a medley of seeds provide a bountiful blend of fat and oils to help power them through the colder months. Mealworms easily attract a wide range of birds to your garden, whilst sunflower hearts and groats will keep your visitors reassuringly well-fed. Black sunflower seeds are a favourite to entice finches, but with this mix, everyone’s favourites will be available this winter.

The ingredients in this mixture have been carefully selected for the benefits they will provide to the birds during the autumn/winter months. Energy-rich ingredients like suet pellets, peanuts, and calorie-loaded niger seeds will ensure the birds have a varied and substantial diet. This will allow them to store energy and keep themselves warm during colder temperatures effectively. Even though this mix is intended to provide for birds during the winter months, the addition of kibbled maize, sunflower seeds and oats will also mean that this mixture can be used all year round for feeding.

Our Winter Wellness mixture will appeal to a wide range of UK garden birds, including finches, tits, sparrows, and robins. The peanuts in this mixture will be particularly attractive to the tit family (coal tit, blue tit, long-tailed tit and great tit), who will favour peanuts over most nuts due to their high-fat content.

This mix is suitable for all bird food tables, platforms and feeders and can be easily introduced into your current bird feeding routines.

Most of our food products contain nuts or traces of nuts and are made in an environment that handles nuts. Because of this, we do not recommend that you handle any of our bird food products if you have a nut allergy.

Product Questions

Product Questions

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