Our bird food is Filler-Free Forever


At Birdkind, we only produce food that will help wild birds thrive.

To achieve this, we carefully select only the best fruits, grains, seeds and nuts without compromise, and we know your local birds will enjoy them.

As a result, our bird feed offers exceptional quality, and we do not include cheap commercial fillers.

Nutritious wild bird food mixes with no unnecessary extras

We have created a range of some of the most nutritious mixes available for wild birds that are and will always be wheat free forever! We promise to use the highest quality grains, seeds, nuts and fruit and never fill out our mixes with unnecessary extras. Our mixtures and ingredients have been reviewed and approved by independent ornithology experts, and we plan to continue working with them to ensure we’re providing the best bird foods possible.

With our promise that our bird food mixtures are 100% filler free, 100% wheat free and 100% nutritious, you can be sure that our bird food bags are packed full of goodness that will have birds flocking!

To feed birds the right food, you need to start by understanding what is best for them nutritionally. Wild garden birds benefit from a balanced blend of seeds, nuts, and fruits and provide these in kibbled and huskless form so that all birds can enjoy them. And the best way to ensure they get what they require is to provide them with our filler-free, highly-nutritious wild bird food mixes.


Meet the Mixes

Robin Ready

Promises a sumptuous selection of meaty mealworms, sunflower hearts and kibbled peanuts to match the demands of this characterful bird.

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Winter Wellness

Promises a hearty mix that will keep your birds pleasantly plump and energised throughout the challenges of winter.

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Four Season Feast

An all-year-round, all-bird, fuss-free feed with plenty of peanuts and mealworms to keep your feathered friends returning for more.

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Everyday Essentials

Provides a balanced blend of fruit, nuts and seeds that satisfies a variety of birds, big and small.

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Summer Glow

A summer feed packed with protein to help birds look their very best all summer long, giving them a generous helping of energising nutrients they need for flying around, foraging, and parading their impressive plumage.

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