Why should we feed the birds?

Why should we feed the birds?
Apart from seeing and hearing birds in your garden and the delight that it will bring, what are the reasons we should feed birds? Discover some of the benefits to both you and the birds in our blog post.

Feeding birds is one of the most pleasant and rewarding hobbies to indulge yourself in. It’s a pastime that doesn’t exclude any age, region, or nation and one that is booming in popularity. While the sound and sight of garden birds might be enough to convince some of us to start feeding the birds with quality bird food, others will need a bit more encouragement as to why they should feed birds.

Feed the birds to help care for them

Birds are busy little creatures who face a number of varying challenges with each season that comes and goes. While they will always try and source out natural food supplies, there are times of the year when that becomes more difficult due to weather conditions or their seasonal activities.

During the winter, natural food sources become depleted, so offering your birds a plentiful platter of treats will help to keep their energy levels boosted during the cooler temperatures. In the summer months, even though the bushes are blooming with flora and our soils are full of insects, it is already a hectic time for birds as they begin to care for their new offspring. By keeping your feeders and table full during summer, you will help birds to feed their young without having to venture too far into the trees and shrubbery.

Feeding birds will help with support bird populations

The population and diversity of UK garden birds have been steadily increasing over the past number of years, much to do with the rise in popularity of bird feeding.  During the 70s, back garden feeders and tables only attracted around two species of birds, but this has increased massively recently with a range of species visiting our garden. Species like the goldfinch has gone from being reported by only 20 per cent of Garden Bird Feeding Survey participants in 1973, to more than 80 per cent now. It is mostly down to the availability of food on offer that we now get to enjoy the sight of tits, finches, sparrows, and starlings flying around our outdoor spaces.

To benefit from a helping hand in your garden

Birds probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a helping hand in the garden. But they do quite a few jobs in and around our outdoor spaces. Robins, sparrows, and blackbirds tend to branch out from your feeders and explore the grounds beneath them to try and find an extra snack. They will feed on insects that may cause harm to your grass, plants, and shrubbery. So, while your feeders will initially attract them to your garden, they will normally nosey around for a while to help themselves to any other available insect treats, all while helping to control insects in your garden.

To improve your mental health

Taking the time to sit back and watch birds sing and fly around your garden has been proven to help with mental health. One of the most notable findings is from a study by Queensland University and the University of Exeter. These studies showed that “there was a correlation between the number of birds people could see outside and their levels of stress and anxiety. It suggested that seeing larger numbers of birds in your garden in the afternoon could lower depression and make us feel happier!”. If that isn’t a reason to go outside and enjoy your local visitors, we aren’t sure what is! 

If you feed the birds, they will appreciate it

We might be biased in our opinion on feeding garden birds, but we believe that it’s one of life's great pleasures and one that should be enjoyed by all. Explore our range of filler-free bird food and begin your bird-feeding journey.

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