Introducing our new liquid lawn fertiliser range

Introducing our new liquid lawn fertiliser range

Introducing our new liquid lawn fertiliser range

We are delighted to introduce our range of liquid fertilisers developed to rapidly repair and revive your lawn, to get it green quickly, and to keep it healthy and strong to help it overcome the challenges of winter.

Our Liquid Lawn Fertiliser Range

We often read people asking how to make grass grow better, how to make grass greener and how to make it stronger. In response to this, we have created our new quick release liquid lawn fertiliser range. This new range of liquid fertilisers answers these questions directly to get your lawn growing better, greener and stronger!

Our liquid lawn fertilisers consist of three products that solve these three common lawn-feeding dilemmas: Make it Grow, Make it Green and Make it Strong.

Make it Grow

Make it Grow liquid fertiliser

Make it Grow is a fast-acting, dual-action liquid lawn fertiliser that quickly repairs and revives tired and worn-out garden lawns. Ideal for spring/summer use, it packs your lawn with much-needed nutrients to keep your grass healthy and make it grow better.

This liquid fertiliser includes seaweed extract and is high in nitrogen. It can also be used for root and foliar applications. When used as a root treatment, it helps create healthy and nutrient-filled soils for rapid germination and strong growth. Best done in cooler temperatures, a root treatment encourages the liquid fertiliser to seep into the soil for a deeper and more intensive feed.

When used as a foliar treatment, Make it Grow helps boost the overall health of your lawn and quickly enhances its thick, lush growth! Foliar treatment means spraying the fertiliser directly onto the grass blades to give your grass the nutrients it needs to grow more quickly.

Key benefits of Make it Grow:

  • Spring / Summer feed
  • Rapid repair
  • Nutrient-dense boost for your lawn
  • It contains seaweed extract and humic acid
  • Can be used for root and foliar application
  • NPK Breakdown: 9.4.6. (9 nitrogen / 4 phosphorus / 6 Potassium)

Our Make it Grow liquid fertiliser helps you achieve the lawn you’ve always wanted by helping it grow better!

Make it Green

Make it green liquid fertiliser

Make it Green liquid fertiliser features a nitrogen-rich formula that gives you noticeably greener grass within only a few days! Ideal for spring/summer use, this quick-release fertiliser is fast-acting and packs your lawn nutrients that boost its health. It also helps it recover quickly from wear and tear and makes it vibrantly green.

In addition to having a high nitrogen count, this liquid fertiliser formula features phosphorus to enhance growth while the added potassium defends your grass against unwanted lawn diseases.

Key benefits of Make it Green:

  • Spring / Summer feed
  • Fast-acting grass feed
  • Nitrogen-rich formula
  • For established lawns
  • Can be applied every 6-8 weeks
  • NPK Breakdown: 15.3.3. (15 Nitrogen /3 phosphorus/ 3 potassium)

Our Make it Green liquid lawn fertiliser will bring established lawns back to life, giving you lush and vibrantly green grass!

Make it Strong

Make it strong liquid fertiliser

Make it Strong builds up defences against cold winter weather and helps your lawn resist common grass diseases! It gives your lawn the strength to lock in nutrients and block out any unwelcome grass diseases during the coldness of winter.

This liquid fertiliser features a masterful blend of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to keep your lawn healthy and resilient. This fertiliser is ideal for use from September to the end of October to prepare your grass for extreme winter weather conditions.

Key benefits of Make it Strong:

  • Autumn / Winter feed
  • Strengthens your lawn against cold temperatures and harsh winter weather
  • Locks in nutrients and fights off diseases
  • Ideal for use in autumn and winter
  • For established lawns
  • NPK Breakdown: 3.6.6. (3 nitrogen / 6 phosphorus / 6 potassium)

Make it Strong gives your lawn a boost of nutrients to overcome the extreme weather winter brings!

Our Liquid Lawn Fertiliser Range Feeds Your Lawn Fast

Our liquid fertiliser provides your lawn with a boost of growth, makes it healthier and greener, and strengthens it to overcome the hardships of winter. Make your lawn lush and healthy again in no time with our high-quality, fast-acting liquid lawn fertiliser range!

We have a guide on using liquid fertilisers, which helps ensure your lawn fully benefits from our liquid fertiliser products.

If you have any questions about any of our fertilisers or any of our products, then please send us an email, and we will be happy to help.

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