How to repair dog urine patches

How to repair dog urine patches

How to repair dog urine patches

So long as your pet pooch is the love of your life, then burnt grass patches will be the bane of it. Yes, all dog owners and lawn lovers alike will know the familiar yellowing and dead grass associated with where their pet likes to go potty.

Whilst not the end of the world, dog urine can cause unsightly patches throughout your otherwise green grass. And if you love your lawn (like all of us here do!), you’ll probably want to find a solution and protect it from dog urine

What causes the grass to die off, can it be prevented, and how can you fix your dog's urine patches? Keep reading to find out how to pet-proof your lawn!

What causes the damage?

Dog urine, particularly female dogs, is very high in nitrogen. This high nitrogen content burns your lawn (turning it yellow and dry) like a fertiliser would - if it is not watered in.

One of the most frequently asked questions is, ‘Do you sell dog urine-resistant seed?’. We wish we did, as it would be nothing short of miraculous grass! But no grass will withstand the impact of this nitrogen concentration unless it is dealt with at the time.

Can you prevent dog urine patches?

You may not be able to prevent your dog from using your lawn as a bathroom, but you can lessen the effects by simply watering the spots they have used. If you water these areas enough at the time, these spots will become very green in the following days. If you haven’t, the grass will go yellow and start to die.

There are alternative methods you can try. Products such as Dog Rocks filter drinking water and help neutralise the nitrogen within your dog’s urine. However, make sure to consult a vet before using these.

How to repair dog urine patches

If the patches are very green:

  • Use a quick-release fertiliser such as our QUICK RELEASE: Spring / Summer on the rest of the lawn
  • Be sure to avoid the already very green patches to achieve one uniform colour on the law
  • Apply at a rate of 70g per m2, and ensure to water the fertiliser until it is dissolved
  • Keep pets off the lawn during application and until the granules are dissolved

If the patches are yellow/brown:

  • Firstly, mow your lawn, as you won't be able to while the new grass is establishing
  • Scarify the area to remove as much of the damaged grass as possible, aiming for bare soil 
  • Rake the patch so that the soil is fine, loose and level. If it is not level with the rest of the lawn, fill it in with topsoil and rake it to level
  • Use our QUICK RELEASE: Pre-Seed to accelerate growth, apply at a rate of 70g per m2 and ensure to water the fertiliser in until it is dissolved
  • Keep pets off the lawn during application and until the granules are dissolved
  • Once the granules are dissolved, overseed with our FAMILY: Kids and Pets mix for the fastest results sowing at a rate of 35g per m2
  • Keep the patches moist by watering daily for the first six weeks after sowing. Avoid if there is prolonged rainfall. 
  • You can mow the patches alongside the rest of the lawn when the blades are hitting 5-7cm and have been established for at least six weeks

We also have some helpful tips for maintaining a lawn with pets, but if you have any questions, please get in touch, and we will try to help.

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