How long does grass seed last?

How long does grass seed last?

How long does grass seed last?
Customers often ask, “how long does grass seed last”. Assuming you store it in cool, dry conditions, grass seed can last much longer than you think! In the right conditions, grass seeds can last for 2 – 3 years before their growth rates begin to decline, but most grass seeds will be sown in this timeframe anyway.

Grass seed shelf life

Like most natural products, grass seed has a shelf life or a best-before date. After the first few years of storage, germination rates will decrease by around 10% per year. So, for this reason, we recommend you sow your seed within two years of your purchase. All our bags of grass seed also come with a UK government DEFRA certification label, which includes details of the mixture and the month and year when the bag was sealed.

We offer only the purest quality grass seed, not coated in artificial additives like many of our competitors. This ensures that our seed provides the best growth and gives you the healthiest garden lawn possible.

So, how long does The Grass Peoples seed last for?

We test our seed to ensure you get the best available anywhere! Our grass seed is tested to the highest quality to meet the UK government’s Higher Voluntary Standard (HVS). This premium standard ensures our seeds have the finest levels of purity, offers the best germination rates and grow better than seed that doesn’t meet the HVS standard.

Once our seeds have been quality tested to be ready for germination, they are stored in cool conditions to keep them fresh. Then, when purchased, we ship our seeds as soon as possible to ensure they arrive perfectly ready for sowing.

Tips for storing your seed

  • Store your seed in its original packaging – we deliver it in polypropylene bags, which helps prevent condensation build-up and keeps it fresher for longer
  • Store in cool, dry conditions – your garage or garden shed is ideal
  • If possible, place something under the bag or place it off the ground to avoid dampness
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Avoid getting the bag wet

Our grass seed guide goes into more detail on our seed mixtures, but if you have any questions regarding our lawn seed mixtures, please drop us a message; we will be happy to help.

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