Grass Seed Guide

Grass Seed Guide

Struggling to know what grass seed to go for? This handy infographic should help steer you towards the grass seed you need.

If you're still not sure after going through the flowchart, we've explained a little further down about what each one of our mixes can do for your garden.

Finding the seed you need is your first step to achieving the lawn you want. By answering the below questions, you should be directed to the product that will be perfect for you.


SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn helps everyone to achieve their best back lawn! This lawn mix is ideal for a lawn that gets a lot of use - the 80% perennial ryegrass content creates a hardwearing, fast-growing lawn that can handle any wear and tear that comes its way.

FAMILY: Kids and Pets

With kids and pups running amuck, it can be hard to envision having a nice lawn and being able to maintain one. Well, our FAMILY: Kids and Pets mix was built for just that and helps you get that family and pet-friendly lawn you've been longing for.


STATEMENT: Front Lawn is a 100% fescue mix that will give you the ultimate ornamental lawn. With great power comes great responsibility, and you'll need to be into your lawn care to keep this lawn looking great. By keeping traffic to a minimum and keeping up regular maintenance, your STATEMENT lawn will reward you handsomely.

IMPRESS: Clay Master

Clay soils may suffer no more! Our IMPRESS: Clay Master has been impressing you all ever since we introduced it in 2019. We designed it with you in mind, ensuring it contains the best grass seed species to tolerate the difficult conditions that clay soils often present. Wet and boggy garden in the winter, dry and cracked like the desert in the summer? Sounds like you need our seed!

THRIVE: Sandy Soils

Sandy soils get a bad rep for being ridiculously dry and not being able to hold nutrients, making it hard for grass seed to establish. But our all-fescue mix is EXCELLENT at thriving in these conditions - see what we did there? Enter THRIVE: Sandy Soils - your best bet at getting your sandy soils to shine.


Most lawns have those awkward spots where nothing seems to grow - beside a fence line, under a tree, near garden furniture and nine times out of 10, this has to do with shade. Our STEADFAST: Shade mix contains shade-tolerant varieties that are excellent at growing in dappled / light / non-permanent shade. You can also mix it with any of our other grass seed types to get the perfect lawn for your needs.

STEADFAST: Ultra Shade

Our specialist shade mix contains the super species Poa Supina, which can grow in little to no light - so if you have a shaded spot where nothing seems to work, our STEADFAST: Ultra Shade might just take you by surprise.

RESTORE: Self-Repair Lawn

Tired of reseeding every season? Wishing for a lower maintenance lawn? Our RESTORE: Self-Repair lawn contains the revolutionary ryegrass Zurich, which repairs on its own once established.