5 Reasons to grow wild this summer

5 Reasons to grow wild this summer
5 Reasons to grow wild this summer

Here at The Grass People we’re a little bit biased in our love for wildflowers, but here’s 5 reasons why you should love them too!

It’s an easy peasy process

There are many weird and wonderful things that we love about wildflowers. Weird? Their names – (Sneezewort, seriously?). Wonderful? How absolutely easy they are to sow, grow and maintain. Wildflowers don’t need all the primping and preening that typical garden plants need, they do need a little bit of prep and some maintenance at the end of summer to keep them coming back, but apart from that they do exactly what they’re supposed to – just grow wild! You can find out just how easy it is to grow your own wildflowers in our guide on how to create a wildflower garden. or learn how to wildscape your lawn.

  1. Help local wildlife

One of the contributors to the plummet in the UK bee population is the loss of natural habitat for bees. You can help encourage bees and pollinators to come and visit your garden by planting pollinator friendly flora. If you need help deciding what ones to plant, you can contact us to find out which of our wildflower mixes would be most suitable for you – all of our mixes contain wildflowers that are on the RHS Perfect for Pollinators list – so are guaranteed to attract the little fluffy fellas! Planting wildflowers is a win-win for everyone, you get some stunning low maintenance flora, and you’re doing your bit for the bees!

  1. Perfect for planters

Have you got a large planter that you’re struggling to know what to fill it with? Sometimes planting different types of plants / flowers / herbs etc means your planter cohabitants are constantly battling it out for space. Wildflowers? They like poor soil and they’re just happy to be part of the party! Sow a 100% wildflower mix like our Annuals or Meadow Magic, to see your planter come back to life and reward you with all summer long blooms, that won’t battle for anything other than your attention!

  1. Turn shaded spots into special ones

Have you got a shaded part in your garden where grass just won’t grow, and you want to make something special of it once and for all? Why not try our Shaded Area wildflowers? Wildflowers are well known for their ability to grow just about anywhere, but we made a specific mix made up of shade tolerant wildflowers. So, if you’ve got a spot just under a tree where grass won’t grow, try planting some of our wildflower’s underneath! Got a spot behind a shed that’s left you hopeless? Give these a go.

5. Fill a void

If you’ve got problematic soils like heavy clay or sandy soils, where things struggle to grow, then wildflowers may be the one for you. The soil make up in many gardens is not completely consistent – this could mean that some areas of your lawn have great soil, and others… well not so great. For those problematic patches, wildflowers are a great solution. We have wildflowers that are deep rooting and penetrate heavy clay soils to order to grow. We also have wildflowers that are commonly found in sandy soils – so will perform well in yours, too, if you have them.

Everyone has an awkward spot in their garden that they’re not too sure what to do with, or a plant pot that’s been empty for far too long. Well, wildflowers are the answer. Not only are all of the above perfect reasons to grow wild, wildflowers are also a serious problem solver for when you’re at a loss for thought of what to plant next! There’s no losses with these lovely lots of wildflowers – only gains!