How to create your own wildflower garden

If you’ve ever watched, say, the Chelsea Flower Show and thought to yourself, ‘Gosh, wouldn’t a wildflower meadow be lovely?’ then you’re in the right place. Yes, wildflower meadows are lovely, and even lovelier than that - they are amazingly easy to look after.

If you’re not enamoured by annuals and perennials like we are, and you’re just curious how to create your own wildflower garden – try reading our 5 Reasons to Grow Wild this Spring blog first to find out why a wildflower meadow may actually be what your garden has been missing all along.

Creating Your Beautiful Garden

So why is it so easy to create a wildflower meadow at your own home? Well, the simple fact is that wildflowers THRIVE in poor soil conditions so starving your soil of nutrients is highly beneficial for their growth. This is one of the only time’s that being a horticultural Horlicks will really pay off.

wildflower lawn wildflower garden

To create your desired wildflower garden, you will need to pick one of our wildflower mixes – you can do that by browsing our site or checking out this guide Pick your mix: Picking out the right wildflower mix for you.

Once you’ve picked and purchased your mix, you should plan to sow your wildflower seeds in March. To do that, we’ve created a quick ten step plan for you to follow.

  1. Remove the top 5-10cm of soil to reduce soil fertility
  2. Remove any plants or grass in your preferred space by hand or by weed killer
  3. Remove any stones or debris
  4. Dig the soil over and firm it down by foot
  5. Rake over the soil to create a level seed bed
  6. Scatter the seed by hand or by a handheld spreader
  7. Sow at a rate of 5g per m2
  8. Rake lightly to cover the seed
  9. Water the area
  10. Grow wild, because you’ve just created your own wildflower meadow!

See how our customer utilised his wildflower seed to put a previously empty planter in his garden to good use and can now enjoy his fuss-free foliage and daily wildlife visitors!Wildflower Garden













Wildflower Garden Verge

Maintaining Your Garden

Maintaining a wildflower garden is really simple as wildflowers themselves require little looking after. They do require some looking after though.

It is important to reduce the amount of weeds growing in any wildflower area as these will restrict the wildflower propagation. So while the bed is still fresh, keep an eye on any weeds growing up and remove them. If you can keep the area free of weeds for one year this would be ideal.

The other main question is when to mow a wildflower garden. It is best to do this towards the end of the summer period and it is particularly important to do it when the flowers have ripened and dropped their seeds. This ensures that you will get the best results in the following years bloom as the seeds that drop will have the best chance of germinating and taking root.

And lastly, you should remove the clippings of your work from the area. This will help to give space for the new flowers to grow and give you a great looking garden year on year. You can use the clipping off to the side somewhere in your garden to provide a habitat for some of the local wildlife to live. Grasshoppers especially need a little place to hide out and grow to full size.

So by doing all of this you not only get a great result with a beautiful garden to enjoy but you are also helping the local wildlife. Two great reasons to feel better about life!

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