Creating a Buzz: RHS Plants for Pollinators

Creating a Buzz: RHS Plants for Pollinators

In our ever-evolving world, we are all equally responsible for supporting and protecting our pollinators. These little creatures work tirelessly to keep our environment buzzing with life and maintain diversity on our planet. To help everyone get involved, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) curated a detailed list of Plants for Pollinators. We handpicked only the most beneficial wildflowers and meadow grasses from this list when creating our wildflower seed mixes to help you easily provide food for a wide variety of pollinating insects.

The RHS Plants for Pollinators Program

The RHS developed the Plants for Pollinators program to outline what plants are best suited to helping protect pollinators, preserve their habitat and revive our natural ecosystem. This initiative highlights plant varieties and wildflowers that offer nectar and pollen to attract and support a wide range of pollinators throughout the seasons. The RHS Bumblebee symbol also helps gardeners quickly identify and select plants that can make a significant difference to pollinator populations.

Why choose RHS Plants for Pollinators

The RHS Plants for Pollinators collection includes a diverse range of wildflowers rigorously tested and approved for their pollinator-friendly characteristics. These plants provide essential nectar and pollen sources, which ensures a sustainable food supply for bees, butterflies, and other insects. From vibrant perennial blooms to stunning annual wildflowers, there’s something for every gardener’s taste!

Designing a Pollinator-Friendly Garden

It’s important to consider a few things when creating a pollinator-friendly garden. Start by choosing a wildflower mix that includes a variety of plants on the RHS Plants for Pollinators, which will ensure a consistent food supply throughout the year. Using a mixture of wildflowers with different bloom times provides many creatures with a continuous nectar and pollen supply. You can also add extra features to your garden, like a wildflower meadow seed mix, bee hotels, and a water source, which will help create a more diverse and sustainable habitat for local wildlife.

Beyond Bees and Butterflies

While bees and butterflies are often the first creatures that come to mind when we think of pollinators, it’s important to remember that many other insects also play a role. RHS Plants for Pollinators support a diverse array of pollinating insects, including hoverflies, beetles, and moths. By embracing the importance of pollinators and providing them with wildflowers to fulfil their needs, we can contribute to the diversity and health of our ecosystems.

If you have any questions about our wildflower seed mixes or if you would like advice on making your garden a haven for local wildlife, send us a message; we are always happy to help.