Wild bird feeders: what feeders to choose

Wild bird feeders: what feeders to choose

Wild bird feeders: what feeders to choose

Choosing the right bird feeder for your garden can be tricky and we’re here to help you decide on what’s best for your feathered visitors. Bird feeders are a convenient way to feed wild birds and this post explains their benefits to help you understand what feeders are ideal for you. After all, feeding wild birds is great for their habitat and is fun for you and all the family.

Adding wild bird feeders, feeding stations or bird tables to your garden gives wild birds a combination of supplementary bird food to support their busy lives.

How do feeders benefit wild birds?

The human enjoyment of watching birds is a great addition to anyone’s life. Adding wild bird feeders brings more wildlife to your garden and is one of the most convenient wildlife experiences.

By introducing feeders with a range of different wild bird foods, you will be encouraging a variety of wild birds to visit your garden - and you may even be inspired to learn more about specific bird breeds! Above all else, you will be providing a safe feeding environment for wild birds in your area.

Different types of wild bird feeders

Hanging bird feeders for seed mixes

Hanging bird feeders are a convenient way to feed wild birds because they are easy to clean and require no assembly. Furthermore, hanging bird feeders are the best option if you are new to bird feeding and want an easy way to get started.

Hanging feeders usually have a tubular design and are available in a range of colours and sizes. They are also available in various port hole sizes so that more birds can feast at the same time.

Most hanging feeders are versatile and can hold a range of different seed mixtures, which will attract more wild bird species. However, if you want to attract a specific bird species, then a seed-specific feeder would be a better option.

  • Easy to assemble, clean and refill
  • Ideal for seed mixes for a wide range of bird breeds
  • Easy to hang on branches, wall mounts or feeding stations
  • A convenient way to feed wild birds
  • Variation of sizes available
  • Protects bird food from the elements

Seed-specific hanging bird feeders

Seed-specific feeders are also available, as well as a feeder for seed mixes (as mentioned above). These feeders only work with specific seeds and are designed so birds can easily get to the seeds with minimal wastage or mess around your feeding area.

For example, niger seed feeders feature small dispensers that securely retain the tiny niger seeds inside to reduce wastage. On the other hand, peanut feeders tend to have a wide mesh to hold the larger nuts in place. In short, this design enables birds to peck at the large peanuts without the risk of them falling out and being wasted.

  • Easy to assemble, clean and refill
  • Holds individual seed types to attract specific bird breeds
  • Easy to hang on branches, wall mounts or feeding stations
  • A convenient way to feed wild birds
  • Variation of sizes available
  • Protects seeds from the elements

Squirrel-resistant seed feeders

Squirrels will often see bird feeders as a source of food, and this can cause problems. In other words, they bully their way past birds, stuff their cheeks with bird food and can potentially even damage your feeders. If you frequently see squirrels around your bird feeders or in your local area, then we recommend you look at squirrel-resistant feeders.

  • Easy to assemble, clean and refill
  • Protects seeds from squirrels and the elements
  • Options to hold mixes or specific seed types
  • Easy to hang on branches, wall mounts or feeding stations
  • Variation of sizes available

Bird Feeding Stations

A bird feeding station is a good addition if you have some free space in your garden. Likewise, they are a great addition if you already have multiple feeders and are experiencing a large number of daily visitors.

Our bird feeding stations are easy to assemble and are designed to securely hold a range of bird feeders at the same time. Overall, they add a nice dynamic to your garden, giving birds a place to meet up and feast for your viewing pleasure.

  • Easy to assemble, clean and refill
  • Holds multiple hanging bird feeders
  • Offer a range of bird food to satisfy different bird species
  • Variation of sizes and styles available
  • Durable and reliable garden accessory

Bird Feeding Tables

Bird feeding tables attract the widest variation of seed-eating wild birds. They are surprisingly easy to assemble and can be filled with a wide range of birdseed types. It’s equally as important to mention that these durable and charming bird feeders can be placed anywhere in your garden.

  • Easy to assemble, clean and refill
  • Designs available to suit all garden styles
  • Delightful garden feature
  • Aren’t specific to any type of bird food
  • Can offer a wide range of bird seeds and mixes
  • Ideal for placing anywhere in your garden

Hanging Bird Tables

Hanging bird tables combine the best features of hanging feeders and feeder tables. Basically, they give you an easy-to-clean, refillable bird feeder that conveniently hangs from a tree, wall mount or feeding station. We also can’t deny that there is something charming about watching birds feeding from a hanging bird table.

  • Easy to assemble, clean and refill
  • A charming addition to any garden
  • Ideal for a range of bird food
  • Variation of sizes and designs available

Help with choosing a bird feeder

Should you still be undecided or if you are unsure of what option is ideal for you, then take these three things into account:

  • How much space do you have in your garden
  • How much time do you have available to clean and refill feeders
  • What features and styles do you want to add to your garden

These three points will help you decide on what additions will work best in your available space and will ensure that you and your garden regulars get the most enjoyment from them.

Where to place a bird feeder

You should try to place bird feeders in a quiet area of your garden that doesn’t get used much. Placing it somewhere quiet encourages birds to feast confidently, knowing they will not be disturbed. We also advise that you place feeders out of direct sunlight – a cooler place reduces condensation and keeps bird food fresh for longer.

It is worth noting that you should be aware of predators when placing bird feeders. While it is a great idea to place them in a secluded spot so they can eat in peace, just make sure the birds have clear visibility in all directions. This means that they can make a quick escape should predators show up!

Adding bird feeders helps nature

Bird feeders are a great addition to your garden. They give wild birds a helping hand throughout the year and help to support their lifestyle. As a bonus, they attract a range of birds that are a joy to look at and add charm and character to your garden. Even adding one bird feeder to your garden benefits nature, but if you can add a few different types, then your feathered visitors will appreciate that even more.

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