When to use weed and feed on your lawn

When to use weed and feed on your lawn

When to use weed and feed on your lawn

There comes a time when garden lawns look tired weathered, and need some essential care. Especially when weeds and moss are overrunning them – your lovely garden lawn can appear to be disappearing before your eyes! This post outlines when to use weed, feed and moss killer on your lawn and how it can help revitalise your garden.

What time of the year can you use lawn feed, weed and moss killer?

Most weed, feed and moss killer fertilisers can be used every 6 - 8 weeks during spring, summer, and autumn.

Our weed and feed fertiliser carries out these tasks in three noticeable steps: it shrinks moss so it dies off quickly and can be easily raked away, weeds disappear by being killed at the root, and your existing grass gets fed so it’s instantly green, revealing areas ready for reseeding. Please note that this product should only be used on an established lawn that is at least six months old.

How can you combat weeds and moss while still feeding your lawn?

Our solution to this common problem is our fast-acting Feed, Weed & Mosskiller. Many people are unaware of when they can use weed and feed and its benefits to enhance grass seed growth! Not only does it fight against moss and weeds, but it also feeds your lawn and gives it a boost to encourage it to grow better. And it completes these three jobs quickly and is easy to use!

Once you have applied this fertiliser, water it off or use it just before rain is due. Additionally, you should avoid applying during very hot weather - it’s better to apply on cooler evenings or on overcast days. For more information on how to apply fertiliser correctly, please read our Fertiliser Help & Advice guides.

5 Tips for applying lawn weed and feed:

  • Apply only on an established lawn (6 months + older)
  • Apply our lawn weed and feed at the recommended rate by hand, either when wearing gloves or when using a spreader
  • Water the fertiliser until it dissolves
  • Keep kids and pets away from the lawn during application and until the granules have fully dissolved
  • Remove and clean any footwear you were wearing during the application of the fertiliser to avoid any risk of damage to newly laid patios/stone flag flooring

Be aware that if you do not water your fertiliser in, you can potentially scorch existing grass or delay the benefits of the fertiliser. Likewise, if the fertiliser does not disappear and dissolve off the surface after initial watering, then water it until you can no longer see the granules.

After you have successfully applied and watered in the fertiliser, allow the product to work for over two weeks before overseeding patches with fresh grass seed.

Here’s what you should do if you encounter weeds on your newly seeded lawn:

  • Don’t panic, and don’t use a lawn feed weed and moss killer product on a newly planted lawn
  • These weeds will be shallow rooting, and you can pull them out by hand or wait until the 6–8-week mark to mow them out
  • If the weeds are persistent and reoccurring, use a selective herbicide to spot-treat them

In summary, if you find that your lawn has been taken over by weeds or moss (at least six months old), you can use our Feed, Weed & Mosskiller product to rectify the problem.

We also have additional information on controlling weeds on a newly seeded lawn and when to mow and fertilise your new grass.

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