Welcoming Birdkind to the Family

Welcoming Birdkind to the Family

Welcoming Birdkind to the Family

We are delighted to welcome a new brand to our growing family in the form of Birdkind – a 100% filler-free, fuss-free, no-mess bird food that can help bring more birds to your garden!

Following the successful launch of our Bird Shop, we have been searching for a bird food supplier that aligns with our own vision and values of high-quality products, expertise, quick delivery and excellent customer service. Birdkind embodies all of this and more, and together, we believe we can get more people to enjoy their gardens and take care of them alongside all of the wildlife that lives in them.

So, what makes Birdkind different to any other bird food brand out there and makes us so chirpy to take them under our wing?

Birdkind Filler-Free Bird Food

Filler-Free Wild Bird Food

The entire Birdkind range is 100% filler-free forever and approved by ornithologists. Filler-free forever promises that you will never buy a Birdkind bird food mix bulked up with unnecessary extras that birds don’t like and offer no nutritional benefit. This means that every mix is full of the stuff that birds love, big and small so that you can attract more birds to your garden whilst minimising mess and fuss.

Sound good? Here are our five filler-free mixes to help you begin your bird-feeding journey, kick-start it again, or discover the difference filler-free can make!

New Birdkind Bird Food in our Bird Shop

Birdkind Everyday Essentials Bird Food

Everyday Essentials provides a generous combination of fruit, nuts and seeds for your hungry garden birds to enjoy. Offering a tasty and energising treat for all, it features a blend of husked and non-husked seeds, which encourages a variety of birds, big and small, to feed.

Birdkind Four Season Feast Bird Food

Four Season Feast is an all-year-round, fuss-free feed that’s perfect for all the birds in your garden to enjoy. This mixture is suitable for feeding birds any time of year and was created to be the ultimate crowd-pleaser. With plenty of peanuts, a wealth of kibbled maise, sunflower hearts, striped sunflower seeds and mealworms, this mix keeps your wild birds coming back for more.

Birdkind Summer Glow Bird Food

Summer Glow provides all the extra energy birds need for flying around, foraging, and parading their impressive plumage in the spring and summer months. This mixture is packed full of seeds, nuts and oats and will provide a well-balanced and nutritious meal for all UK garden birds.

Birdkind Robin Ready Bird Food

The Robin Ready mix provides a highly nutritious and easy-to-munch selection of meaty mealworms, sunflower hearts and kibbled peanuts to match the demands of this characterful bird. For this mixture, we’ve made sure to break up the bigger seeds into easy-to-eat chunks for one of the bird world’s smallest beaks.

Winter Wellness Bird Food

Winter Wellness is a hearty mix of energising seeds that keeps your birds pleasantly plump and energised throughout the challenges of winter. The ingredients have been carefully for their benefit to birds during the autumn/winter months. Energy-rich ingredients like suet pellets, peanuts, and calorie-loaded niger seeds will ensure the birds have a varied and substantial diet.

Feel free to message us if you have any questions when selecting food for your local birds or if you would like advice for creating your own personal nature reserve in your garden.

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