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Is there anything to gain or anything wrong with putting more seed down than is recommended?
Question by: Martyn on 13 Apr 2018, 21:56
Adding too much seed can cause competition amongst the new grass and it is also less economical however it really depends how much more you add!
Answer by: Chris McIlroy on 17 Apr 2018, 15:36
We have prepares our soil and ready sew seeds for completly new lawn. We were advised to use polythen plastic over the top to act like a green ouse effect which will help the seeds germinate. Is this needed when sewing them this weekend? (Late September)
Many thanks.
Question by: Megan on 23 Sept 2020, 06:34
Hi Megan

Thank you for your enquiry, this is not something that we would deem as necessary but it is always an option.
The seeds will germinate when temperatures are 8-10 degrees and above consistently for at least two weeks with no adverse weather conditions forecast. Always consult a two week forecast prior to sowing. This month has been quite mild with warmer weather than we expected.

Many Thanks
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Technical Advisor
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 24 Sept 2020, 14:28
Hi there

I was looking to buy the
Super star back lawn seeds and Kids and Pets Grass Seed. Are they good to be used on clay soil?
Thank you
Question by: Leila on 3 Oct 2020, 22:39
Hi Leila

SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn and FAMILY: Kids and Pets are both the same mix – you will notice the label says TGP Back Lawn / Kids and Pets. Both mixes are 80% perennial ryegrass and 20% fescue and both create a hardwearing, fast-growing lawn that is still lush.

We appreciate that those who don’t have kids or pets will still use their lawn a lot and want it to be hardwearing and just as fast growing, so for that reason we have named them differently although they are the same mix.

We do have mix specifically designed for clay soils and it also contains some perennial ryegrass. IMPRESS: Clay Master is a specially blended grass seed mixture designed for clay and heavy clay soil conditions. The tall fescue component has a strong deep rooting system which not only allows it to penetrate your clay soils effectively but ensures a drought tolerant lawn, especially in clay soils that are prone to dryness. The perennial ryegrass in this mix makes way for a fast-growing and hard-wearing lawn to thrive.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 5 Oct 2020, 11:46
I sowed my seed on the 5th of October. We have had some period of heavy rain. I haven’t seen any germination yet. I hoping now the sun has started to shine in my area that the seeds will germinate.
Just wondering if this will have slowed down the germination rate? How long could it take to see germination in these weather conditions? Temperature is reaching around 12-14 degrees in Brighton.
Question by: Ben Kinslow on 15 Oct 2020, 11:00
Hi Ben

Slower germination is common at this time of year and can take 2 weeks in some cases. The temperatures are mild enough so it should not take much longer. At this stage I would give it another week.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 15 Oct 2020, 11:42
I have already planted some seeds in April which have started growing. However, birds have eaten a lot of the seeds so the grass has thinned out at a number of places. Can I put some more seed now in December (South East London) or should I wait a few months till it starts getting a bit warm?

Also I want to scarify my lawn ( a separate section of the existing lawn). When should I scarify and overseed the lawn?
Question by: Abhi on 27 Nov 2020, 20:33
At this time of year we would advise on waiting until spring to overseed. Ideally temperatures for germination need to be 8-10 degrees Celsius consistently for two weeks, although at this time of year you also have to consider frost and rainfall. Scarifying can be done in spring and autumn, you can incorporate this into your preparation for overseeding in spring.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 30 Nov 2020, 09:42
hi , hi have recently levelled my lawn wit sand , how long after doing this am i able to reseed ?
Question by: Kieran on 25 Feb 2021, 12:14
Hi Kieran

You can confidently sow grass seed when temperatures are 8-10 degrees and above consistently for at least two weeks with no adverse weather conditions forecast. Always consult a two week forecast prior to sowing.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 25 Feb 2021, 13:09
would it be advisable to use a fertiliser over the lawn prior to seeding? I will primarily filling in gaps on my existing lawn?
Question by: Gareth on 7 Apr 2021, 11:10
Hi Gareth, most lawns will benefit from a fertiliser especially prior to sowing. Our QUICK RELEASE: Pre-Seed Fertiliser provides the soil and seed with all the nutrients they need. It helps to create a great foundation for sowing new seed whilst strengthening existing grass. It will also help increase germination and establishing a strong root system. You should mow the lawn before applying it - the recommended spreading rate is 70g per m2. It is a granular fertiliser so will need to be watered in after it is applied. Once the granules are dissolved you are safe to seed.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 7 Apr 2021, 13:25
Hi, I bought this a few weeks and waited until the feed and weed has taken effect then scarified it all. I was hoping to over seed this week but we’re still getting frost in over night, some hail in recent days and temperatures only getting to 6-7 in day, should I wait to over seed? Or do it and just keep it moist but know it’ll take longer?
Question by: Steven Stewart on 12 Apr 2021, 17:53
Hi Steven, I would recommend that you wait until the temperatures are warmer before sowing.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 13 Apr 2021, 09:47
What temperature can I start putting this down? I live in Shetland and it’s mid April getting about 8 degrees during day but dropping to around 3-5 at night. I feel like there’s a good enough light covering to start sowing.
Question by: Stuart Milne on 14 Apr 2021, 11:38
Hi Stuart, I would recommend that you wait until temperatures are warmer. Those cooler evening temperatures will impact germination and slow things down.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 14 Apr 2021, 11:59
Hi. I overseeded mid April using Superstar and Shade. Needless to say it's been colder than expected so things are slow. When it eventually warns up is the seed I put down likely to get going or will I have to start all over again? Also, the existing grass has got quite long now, do I need to cut it even though the new grass isn't really ready? Worried the long grass will prevent light reaching the seed/shoots

We're in the South east of England near Gatwick.

Question by: Rich Turner on 6 May 2021, 19:00
Hi Rich

Grass seed is incredibly hardy and will wait until everything is perfect for it to grow, so you can expect to see more from your lawn as temperatures increase.

We would also recommend that you hold off on mowing until the new sward is established.
Answer by: Roisin McCann on 7 May 2021, 09:38

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