How to stop birds eating grass seed

How to stop birds eating grass seed

So you’ve put in all the hard graft of reseeding or sowing a new lawn only for a flock of birds to come down and help themselves to a feast... So, we’ve put together a helpful guide on how to stop birds eating grass seed to make sure your hard work has not gone to waste!

This is a frustration known all too well by many a homeowner, but luckily, there are ways to stop birds eating grass seed, helping you stay vigilant against birds ruining your freshly seeded lawn.

1. Visual deterrents help stop birds from eating your grass seed

Birds will be scared away from your lawn when they see visual deterrents such as plastic animal decoys (like cats or owls). You could also introduce the farmer’s favourite and place a scarecrow in your garden. Alternatively, you could consider hanging pieces of reflective tape from trees or fences.

Using old CDs is a proven method to stop birds from eating your grass seed since the shine from the tape / CDs acts as an effective scare tactic, discouraging birds from making a meal of your grass seed and lawn entirely!

2. Create a noise deterrent to keep birds away

Birds are reluctant to settle in noisy areas, so consider hanging tin cans from a piece of string or wind chimes to put them off. We’re partial to more than just a bit of a breeze in the UK, so a gusty spell and curious clinking of chimes are sure to send them on their way.

3. Place netting over the seeded area

One of the most certain solutions to protecting grass seed from birds is to put a cover on it, but this isn’t always the easiest method. Make sure to pin your covering down and ensure that some light can get through it, as the seed will still need this to grow.

4. Alternative food will help stop birds eating grass seed

Perhaps the most enjoyable method of preventing birds from eating your seed is to offer them something else. Birds will generally prefer a nutritious meal over grass seed. So, place bird feeders filled with filler-free bird food throughout your garden to attract birds away from the grass seed.

By following these steps, your grass seed will remain undisturbed, and you will see a fully germinated lawn within a matter of weeks. There is no need to continue covering it or using deterrents once your grass is growing, but you can keep feeding the birds if you wish!

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