How to protect grass seed from birds

So you’ve put in the hard graft of reseeding your lawn only for a flock of birds to come down and wreak havoc on all of your lovely seedbeds.

This is a frustration known all too well by gardeners but luckily there are ways in which you can stay vigilant against birds ruining your freshly seeded lawn.

Top tips to protect your grass seed from birds and pests:

  1.  Use visual deterrents
    Birds will be scared away from your lawn if they see visual deterrents such as plastic animal decoys including as owls or scarecrows. Alternatively, consider hanging pieces of reflective tape from trees or fences, the shine from the tape acts as an effective scare tactic and protect the grass seed.
  2.  Create a noise deterrent
    Birds are reluctant to settle in noisy areas, so consider hanging tin cans from a piece of string or wind chimes to try an protect the seed. Hopefully with a little wind birds will not be bothering your new lawn.
  3.  Place netting over the seeded area
    One of the most certain solutions to protecting grass seed from birds is to cover it with netting. Ensure you fit it on tightly and pin it down well over the seedbed so it cannot be obstructed.
  4. Alternative Food
    By offering an alternative food the birds will then generally favour this over the grass seed. Scatter out bird food or crushed nuts until the grass seed has germinated or place bird feeders throughout your garden to attract birds away from the grass seed.

By following some of these steps your grass seed will remain undisturbed and you will see a fully germinated lawn within a matter of weeks.

Further Information

To be sure of great results from your grass seed ensure you care for the reseeded area correctly during the germination period. Grass seed needs the correct conditions for such as warmth and moisture. For more information on sowing grass seed watch our video here.

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