Overseeding a lawn

Overseeding a lawn
Overseeding a lawn

Find out how to overseed a lawn successfully with our quick guide that breaks down the step-by-step processes to get your lawn growing thick and luscious is no time!

What does overseeding a lawn do?

Overseeding a lawn should follow the removal of weeds and moss and the scarifying of a tired lawn. Overseeding is the perfect solution to repairing a lawn or garden that's looking patchy, tired or thin or worn out. Also known as reseeding, it will repair damaged areas giving you a luscious green lawn and helping bring your garden back to life.

When is the best time to overseed a garden lawn?

We recommend overseeding your lawn during September, as an autumn renovation job is best. If this is not possible, another beneficial time is during April or May as a spring renovation.

How to overseed a lawn

  • Remove moss and weeds - you can remove weeds by using a spray weedkiller if weeds only appear in certain spots. You can scarify to remove moss if it is in certain areas. If moss and weeds are throughout the lawn and your lawn is six months + old, then our Feed, Weed and Moss Killer product will be most effective.  This product works over two weeks to eradicate weeds and moss - before sowing ensure your lawn is scarified to remove any extra thatch.
  • Now that your lawn is weed, moss and thatch free, you should mow it as you won't be able to for six weeks whilst the new seed is establishing.
  • Select the correct seed mixture and the correct amount for your needs - you'll need 35g per m2 to overseed.
  • You can sow by hand or use a spreader if you wish.
  • Water the new seedlings daily for the first six weeks after sowing - once the new grass is established and hitting heights of 5-7cm, it is ready for its first mow.
  • Mow the entire lawn (old and new grass) on the highest setting on your mower before dropping to the recommended height for your mix.

Depending on the time of year, apply an Autumn/Winter fertiliser or a Spring/Summer fertiliser around a week after sowing the grass seed to boost the growth of your lawn.

We also have guides on grass seeds for different soil types, how long grass takes to grow, and we have helpful tips on when are the best time of year to sow grass seed.