How to pet proof your lawn

How to pet proof your lawn

How to pet proof your lawn
Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they can quickly become man’s worst enemy when they start to interfere with your lawn!
We’ve had lots of questions of how you can pet proof your lawn now that sowing season is in full swing, and we’ve come up with four key ways you can prevent your pride and joy from messing with your other pride and joy – your lawn.

1. Select the right grass seed

Dogs love grass – running on it, rolling in it, sniffing it and rugby diving across it. All this ‘ruff’ play can cause patches to form on  your grass and wear down it down, but by opting for a hardwearing lawn seed, you can help minimise the damage. Our FAMILY: Kids and Pets seed a is a firm favourite with families and dog lovers alike – its 80% perennial ryegrass content is hardwearing and fast growing, so even if your pup does make things patchy, it is quick to recover. Whilst the mix is hardwearing, due to its 20% fescue it also has a finer appearance, so you don’t have to compromise on how it looks.

2. Protect your pup whilst speeding up growth

The best way to repair grass damage caused by dogs is to overseed – to speed up this process, a quick release fertiliser is recommended. Our QUICK RELEASE: Pre-Seed fertiliser is high in phosphate, this helps to strengthen the roots of new seedlings and will speed up the growth of your grass. There are some steps you need to take to ensure that this does not effect your pooch however – 1. Keep your dog indoors for 48 hours after spreading fertiliser, supervising them when they use the great outdoor bathroom 2. Water your fertiliser in so that it cannot be seen – this way you know that it is absorbed within the soil 3. Read the instructions on your fertiliser – do not apply more than the recommended spreading rate or less. For more information read about our pet friendly fertiliser.

3. When do-do’s become do-don’ts!

It is scientifically proven that dog do-do’s contain nitrogen, that on first application – may seem to make your grass more green. However, do not be fooled, leaving pup’s poops on your lawn will do more damage than good in the long run. It perhaps goes without saying, but try to remove your dog’s waste as soon as it appears – but speaking from experience – definitely avoid this when it’s raining!

4. Reduce the damage

Dog urine, particularly female dog urine, is particularly pungent and can cause a lot of damage in your lawn, leaving bare patches throughout. When your pup pops out for a wee, make sure to follow them by using water to dilute the acidity of the urine. Another method is to use Dog Rocks – they are made from naturally occurring rocks and when set in your dogs water bowl, helps to purify the water they are consuming. When this is passed, it balances the ph of the urine, making the effect of it on your lawn less damaging. Please consult both your vet and the manufacturer before using these.

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