Our wild bird food range

Our wild bird food range

Our wild bird food range
Garden birds bring a lot of life to your garden and as you probably already know, the U.K. has a fascinating variety of wild birds on offer. This means that you will likely get more visitors coming into your garden if you simply leave them out some quality wild bird food.

Wild bird food for garden birds

At The Grass People, we have recently introduced Birdkind and are selling their Filler-Free bird food in our Bird Shop to help create a richer environment for garden birds. We are proud of our wild bird food range that we developed to ensure your garden visitors get the most from every meal. Taking this into account, we have tailored our selection of products with birds and nature in mind.

Introduction to the Birdkind Bird Food range

You can find our full range of wild bird foods below:

  • Four Season Feast: Ideal for feeding wild birds all year round. This mix includes a balanced variety of seeds, nuts, and oats. 100% wheat & filler-free promise.
  • Robin Ready: Songbirds like robins, wrens, thrushes, and blackbirds love this seed mix. We have also included kibbled ingredients to suit smaller beaked birds. 100% wheat & filler-free promise.
  • Summer Glow: This everyday feed is rich in nutrients and is ideal for spring and summer. It also helps to keep birds’ energy levels high. 100% wheat & filler-free promise.
  • Winter Wellness: This bird food gives wild birds great energy boosts and is ideal for winter. It features a very nutritious and oily mixture of nuts and seeds. 100% wheat & filler-free promise.
  • Everyday Essentials: A nutritious and wholesome mix for all birds, big and small. 100% wheat & filler-free promise.

Birdkind 100% wheat & filler-free promise

Our excellent selection of quality seed mixes offers wild birds balanced and nutritious food that benefits their diets. We also have a range of mixes that suit a wide variety of breeds and their active lifestyles. Furthermore, our bird food is 100% wheat free, and we don’t add any filler to our mixes. It's important to remember that other companies add filler to their feed, and birds don't benefit from this. They add filler just to bulk out the weight of the bag.

Range of Premium Quality Wild Bird Food

Our premium-quality wild bird food pairs up perfectly with our bird feeding tables, hanging bird feeders or bird feeding stations, bird baths and nesting boxes. As a result, you will be giving your daily visitors a reliable food supply and a haven where they feel safe. Likewise, if you would like to introduce a welcoming habitat for bugs, bees, and hedgehogs, we have a range of homes that they will appreciate.

Additionally, you could add wildflowers to your garden, creating a lush environment for local wildlife. If you are considering this, we offer a range of high-quality wildflower seed mixes, with options to suit all soil types. If you would like to add wildflowers but are unsure of the process or the benefits, then you will appreciate the Wildflowers Help & Advice area on our website.

Please let us know if you have any questions when selecting food for your local birds, or if you would like advice for your backyard nature reserve.

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