Last minute gifts for bird lovers

Last minute gifts for bird lovers

Last minute gifts for bird lovers
We have a few ideas and suggestions to help you with last minute gifts for bird lovers and to help you get gifts for those who say they "want nothing for Christmas". Bird feeding and caring for birds has become an even more popular hobby in recent years, so you're likely to have a birder to buy for.

Last minute gifts for bird lovers from our Bird Shop

We have selected a few last-minute gifts from our Bird Shop, which features premium quality products, including high-quality bird food for wild birds and products to enhance the habitat for local wildlife in your garden.

Birdkind High-quality 100% wheat and filler-free bird foods

Our expert selection of wild bird foods is very nutritious and balanced. Birdkind has tailored it to suit various bird breeds and their active lifestyles. These food mixes are ideal for UK garden birds, helping them keep their energy levels high as they fly, forage and frolic about their daily activities. We also guarantee that our bird food is 100% wheat and filler-free.Winter Wellness is a superb winter mix suitable for a wide range of local garden birds to energise and plump them up during winter.Winter Wellness Bird Food perfect Christmas Last Minute Gifts

You can also find our full range of bird food below:

Everyday Essentials is suitable for year-round feeding and includes a balanced combination of fruit, nuts and seeds.Everyday Essentials Bird FoodSummer Glow is an energising summer feed packed with protein to help birds look their very best all summer long. It will attract a wide range of songbirds like robins, wrens, thrushes, and blackbirds. And It includes kibbled ingredients to suit these smaller beaked birds.Summer Glow Bird FoodFour Season Feast is a nutrient-rich everyday feed ideal for all-year-round feeding. Packed with a generous variety of energising and nutritious treats, it helps to keep wild birds' energy levels high, whatever the season!Four Season FeastFinally, the Robin Ready mix features meaty mealworms, sunflower hearts and kibbled peanuts to match the demands of this characterful bird. We have also made sure to break up the bigger seeds into easy-to-eat chunks for one of the bird world’s smallest beaks.Robin Ready Bird Food

Bird Feeders and Bird Feeding Tables

Bird Oasis Bird Table Last Minute Gift idea When selecting a suitable feeding area for birds in your garden, we like to think that we are on the same page as you. We choose only stable and durable designs that are easy to clean and maintain. The safety and reliability of bird tables and feeding stations are as important as how they look – but we also ensure they look great. All our bird tables, hanging bird feeders, and feeding stations feature long-lasting materials with stylish designs that will suit every garden.

Bird Baths and Nesting Boxes

Snoozy Bird Nest Box cosy Last Minute Gift idea Bird baths and nesting boxes add to your garden's habitable environment, giving local birds a safe place to relax, bathe and clean after a long day of flying and foraging. We have a selection of hanging and free-standing baths that are durable and stylish. And since they are raised off the ground, birds will be safe from predators while they prune their feathers.Our nesting boxes feature secure mounts, are made using natural materials and are well-insulated. These high-quality nesting boxes ensure your backyard visitors will be safe and warm in the cooler months. Above all else, our nesting boxes give your birds a safe place to create a nest, lay eggs and raise their young.

Houses for Hedgehogs, Bugs and Bees

Multi Bee & Bug Mansion Last Minute Gifts for bees and local wildlife Invite a family of nature into your garden with our hedgehogs, bugs, and bee range. We have a collection of rustic and natural houses that blend seamlessly with nature and give your visitors a place to call come. Our hedgehog homes, insect houses and bee boxes are sure to bring a new wave of life to your garden – and you're helping nature thrive.We hope these ideas for last-minute gifts help you with any family or close friends that may be difficult to buy for. And these gifts will also benefit your local wildlife, and they will definitely appreciate the generosity!You can also learn more with our Wild Bird Help & Advice and Bird Shop FAQs sections.

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