How to choose liquid fertiliser for lawns

How to choose liquid fertiliser for lawns

How to choose liquid fertiliser for lawns

Knowing how to choose liquid lawn fertiliser will benefit your garden since different fertilisers are better used for certain things. For example, our Make it Grow gives your lawn a boost of nutrients to enhance its growth, and Make it Green is high in nitrogen to make it luscious and vibrantly green. Whereas Make it Strong has high levels of all three NPK elements to give your lawn the strength and resilience to overcome the cold winter months.

How to choose liquid fertiliser for your lawn

Make it Grow

Make it Grow liquid fertiliserOur Make it Grow liquid fertiliser has been formulated for use on grassroots and foliar (leaf) applications. Using this as a root treatment will help to create strong and nutrient-filled soils for enhanced and quick germination. When used as a foliar treatment, spraying this liquid fertiliser for lawns over the grass blades will help boost the overall health of your lawn and quickly enhance its growing potential!

Our Make it Grow liquid fertiliser provides a balanced feed that boosts your grass with nutrients to get you the garden lawn you’ve always wanted!

  • NPK Breakdown: 9/4/6 (9 nitrogen / 4 phosphorus / 6 Potassium)
  • Can be applied to root and foliar
  • Rapid lawn repair
  • Contains seaweed extract and humic acid
  • For spring/summer use

Make it Green

Make it green liquid fertiliserMake it Green liquid fertiliser is for use on already established lawns, where it acts quickly to revive tired grass and helps bring your lawn back to its former glory! This liquid lawn food is ideal for use in spring to give your lawn a makeover after the winter months. It is also a beneficial feed to use in the summer when wear and tear from family gatherings, kids playing, and garden parties can leave your lawn looking worn out.

This liquid fertiliser is rich in nitrogen and packs a punch when it comes to sorting out the health of your lawn! Nitrogen is a major player in the growth and maintenance of your lawn, and it’s essential in ensuring that your grass is healthy, nutritious and vibrantly green. We have also added phosphorus and potassium to this nitrogen-laden feed to enhance grass growth and protect your lawn against unwelcome grass diseases.

  • NPK Breakdown: 15-3-3 (15 Nitrogen /3 phosphorus/ 3 potassium)
  • Fast-acting grass feed
  • Nitrogen-rich formula
  • Spring/summer fertiliser
  • For established lawns
  • Can be applied every 6-8 weeks

Make it Strong

Make it strong liquid fertiliserOur Make it Strong liquid lawn fertiliser contains high levels of nitrogen, potassium and phosphate to prepare your grass for winter. By adding potassium to your lawn, you will be enhancing its ability to resist environmental stresses, particularly winter diseases like Red Thread and Fusarium Patch (Snow Mould). Phosphate strengthens grass blades and maintains your lawn's healthy and lush appearance. This liquid feed also includes nitrogen, which works alongside potassium and phosphate to ensure your grass is strong and resilient against winter weather and common grass diseases.

To achieve the best results when using Make it Strong, we recommend using this liquid fertiliser during the autumn and winter months. This liquid fertiliser is best used from August to October, giving the fertiliser time to get to work before cold weather arrives in early November.

  • NPK Breakdown: 3/6/6/ (3 nitrogen / 6 phosphorus / 6 potassium)
  • Locks in nutrients
  • Fights off diseases
  • For established lawns
  • You can apply it every 6-8 weeks
  • For use in autumn/winter

Understanding the NPK rating for liquid fertiliser

NPK is the symbol of the chemical elements that make up plant fertilisers, which applies to granular and liquid fertilisers.

  • N – Nitrogen
  • P – Phosphorous
  • K – Potassium

There are different ratios of each component in each of our liquid fertilisers. Three numbers indicate the levels of each in the fertilisers, representing the N P K ratio in that order.

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are vital for healthy plant growth but are not always available in the soil due to soil quality or how long plants have been growing and extracting nutrients in that area. This is where grass fertiliser benefits your lawn, ensuring your grass grows well all year round.

Applying liquid fertiliser correctly

Our liquid fertiliser range is designed to rapidly repair and revive your lawn, to get it green quickly, and to strengthen it to overcome the harshness of winter weather. When creating these lawn feeds, we went out of our way to ensure that using our fertiliser is easy. This means you can spend less time fertilising and more time enjoying your garden!

Applying Make it Grow

  • Foliar (leaf): For every m2 of the garden, you need 2ml of mixture & 80ml of water
  • Root: For every m2 of your garden, you will need 6ml of mixture and 100ml of water
  • Apply evenly to the whole lawn
  • Apply in dry conditions
  • Avoid applying in excessive heat
  • Ideal for use in spring/summer

Using Make it Green

  • For every m2 of your garden, you must use 3ml of mixture and 75ml of water
  • Apply evenly to the whole lawn
  • Apply in dry conditions
  • Avoid applying in excessive heat
  • Can be applied every 6-8 weeks
  • Ideal for use in spring/summer

Adding Make it Strong

  • For every m2 of your garden, you must use 3ml of mixture and 75ml of water
  • Apply evenly to the whole lawn
  • Apply in dry conditions
  • Avoid applying in excessive heat
  • It can be applied every 6-8 weeks
  • Ideal for use in autumn, in preparation for winter

Wear protective clothing and keep kids and pets away

Note that each liquid fertiliser also comes with a detailed usage guide printed on the side of the bottle, outlining each step in how to use them effectively and safely.

As with any of our fertiliser products, we recommend you wear gloves, protective clothing, eyewear and a respiratory mask when mixing the product and during product application. You should also keep kids and pets away when applying fertiliser and for a while after when the fertiliser gets to work.

We also recommend removing/watering-off footwear used during the application and before you walk on any patio or stone flooring to avoid any risk of staining.

If you have questions about our liquid fertiliser for lawns or want further guidance, please get in touch with us, and we will gladly help.

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