Flowering Meadow

Flowering Meadow

Creates a delightful display of cornfield annuals and long-lasting perennials

Develops a year-round habitat for bees and pollinators

Contains sought-after UK native wildflowers

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Incl. VAT: £15.60
£13.00 Ex. VAT
Per Bag
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Find out how much to order using our simple surface area calculator, it will tell you how many KG's of seed to order so you do not order too much or too little.

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Product Description

Product Description

Flowering Meadow contains a simply stunning array of classic British cornfield annuals and longer-lasting perennials. The grass species in this mix are meticulously matched to their wildflower counterparts to create a meadow as it would naturally occur in uncultivated land. The grass in this mix will grow first after sown, creating a nursery for the wildflowers to thrive in.

Mixture Breakdown

White Campion 1.9%
Cornflower 1.6%
Corncockle 4.2%
Oxeye Daisy 0.5%
Foxglove 0.1%
Self Heal 0.8%
Corn Marigold 1.7%
Common Knapweed 0.4%
Ribwort plantain 1.4%
Corn Poppy 2.2%
Sheeps Fescue 15%
Sweet Vernal Grass 1%
Corn Chamomile 0.9%
Slender Creeping Red Fescue 24%
Small Leaved Timothy 5%
Crested Dogstail 7.5%
Tall Oat-grass 5%
Tufted Hair Grass 2.5%
Red Campion 2%
Meadow ButterCup 1%
Salad Burnet 1%
LEO Lotus corniculatus (Birdsfoot Trefoil) 0.3%

Usage Guide

How to Use this Product

Remove any existing grass, plants or flora
Further remove the top 5-10cm to reduce soil fertility
Remove stones and other debris and rake the area to create a fine, level seedbed
Scatter the seed at a rate of 5g per m2
Lightly rake the area to cover the seed and water well

Recommended Usage

Sowing Rate 5g per m2
When For best results sow in September


I’ve sown my wildflower seed in April / May (spring)

In August / September of the first year you have sown your wildflower seed, cut your wildflower sward to 7cm after flowering – you can do this by putting your mower on a high setting. In most cases remove clippings* (Note: a late spring sowing will result in late flowering). Do not be tempted fertilise or add top soil to this area – wildflowers prefer poor soil conditions, and this is how they should stay. Continue this same process, year after year. *If you have annual wildflowers in your mix and you do not wish them to return the following year, remove the clippings. If you want your wildflowers to return the following year - let them go to seed head, and manually assist their self-seeding by firming the seed heads into the soil. By doing this, your annuals will return the following year.

I’ve sown my wildflower seed in September / October (autumn)

In March / April of the first year of sowing your wildflower seed, make sure there is sufficient material to mow – your wildflowers / grasses should be at a height of 10cm. If your wildflowers are at this height, mow to 7cm no later than mid-April, as this will delay their blooming process. In August / September, after they have bloomed, cut your wildflower meadow again to 7cm, remove all clippings unless you want your annuals to return. If you wish for your annual wildflowers to make a reappearance the following spring, follow the process above by letting the seed heads drop into the soil, and give them a helping hand by firming them into the soil.

Questions & Answers

Product Questions

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If I sow in September when will they come through
Do I have to remove the grass from the area that I want to make into a wild flower meadow?
I have a patch of lawn which I would like to convert to a flowering meadow for the bees however the amount of sunlight that reaches the area is minimal and intermittent. I love the combination of wild flower seeds in this product and would like to know if this would be suitable given the conditions or am I better off going for a shady mix. Thank you!
Can I sow in may?
Is this safe for equine grazing?
How soon can I sow, after putting weed killed down ?
When is the best time to cut the meadow grass
Hi, I'm thinking of making up sachets of wildflower seeds to send instead of Christmas cards this year. I will need to include brief instructions for the recipients so wondered when/where/how to plant.
Is this mix suitable for dry, sandy soil or as a friend describes it 'unforgiving'?
Is this a good mix for supporting bees and other pollinators? If not, do you stock a better one for this purpose?
we are concerned at overall height of grass / meadow flowers want no more than 18 inches better about 12 inches as don,t want area to look unkempt
We have ordered and sowed out flowering meadow seeds this week and I was just wondering, how long will it take to see any flowers and when should I strim for the first time?! Thank you!
How do I use the seed on an existing lawn area?
After you have mown your wildflowers in late August, will they return next spring?
Hi, i have just bought some of this and plan to sow this very soon, once established and fully blooming, can i cut it back and it will regrow? thanks
Which mix would thrive best on the south side (no shade) of a tall cedar of Lebanon. The roots are shallow and existing grass is poor and permanently covered in cedar needles. The only way I have been able to sow grass seed with some success on the shadier side is to scarify robustly, sow seed, then cover with enviromesh until seeds have germinated. Will this work and which mix would be best for poor soil and full sun?
I’ve completely removed all weeds, grass and the top soil, do I need to some grass seed to the mix as I sow?
hi, im getting married at the end of June, if I buy this product now, will it have time to flower by then?

thanks Nick
Can I sow in February or March?

How much do I need?

Find out how much to order using our simple surface area calculator, it will tell you how many KG's of seed to order so you do not order too much or too little.

Launch Seed Calculator

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Customer Reviews

Date Rating Customer Comment Company Comment
14-Oct-2019 Service:


Service rating : First class service. Excellent product
Product : Excellent, well packaged.
08-Oct-2019 Service:


Service rating : Very prompt and efficient
Product : Good size bag of seeds let’s hope it flowers in the spring
08-Oct-2019 Service:


Excellent service, here within 2 days of ordering, clear instructions on how to sow. Can't wait to see the wild flowers next year. Brilliant
08-Oct-2019 Service:


Ordering and delivery was easy and on time .... the seeds won't grow for 6 months so can't comment on their quality yet .
01-Oct-2019 Service:


Service rating : Very quick service. Seeds were well packed with helpful instructions.
Product : I have son the seeds but won’t know how good until next year. So far so good!
26-Sep-2019 Service:


Service rating : Easy to order - order arrived within 24 hours.
Product : Followed instructions waiting for them to germinate and grow.
25-Sep-2019 Service:


Quick and educated service as usual.
23-Sep-2019 Service:


Service rating : The grass seed arrived punctually and was packaged well. Very pleased that delivery date was kept as promised.
Product : We have sown the grass seed and are now waiting for it to germinate - obviously we will not know how it will perform until then but the initial signs are looking...
Read More.
20-Sep-2019 Service:


Service rating : Excellent service, fast delivery. This is the second time I’ve purchased the wildflowers meadow seed to create meadows for clients .
Great stuff I would highly recommend it this summer the meadow was fabulous despite only being the first year!
Product : Great seeds fast...
Read More.
16-Sep-2019 Service:


Service rating : informative web site, good delivery service
Product : not yet sowed seed to give feedback

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