5 unusual facts about grass

We know a lot about grass so we share some of the most unusual and interesting facts we have, perhaps you can play a game of 'grass-trivia' with them.

5 unusual grass facts

    1. Did you know grasses make up the world’s most significant food source? All grasses from oats and barley for human consumption through to grazing grass for animals are part of the Pocease family, the most abundant of all plant families on earth.


    1. There are over 10,000 varieties of grass plant in the Poaceae family, here at The Grass People our mixtures include varieties such as Perennial Ryegrass, Chewings fescue and Browntop bentgrass to name but a few.


    1. The largest variety of grass is giant bamboo, which can grow up to 151 feet tall. We don’t sell it here at The Grass People, we could never get it shipped!


    1. A 2,500 square foot lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four. Grass lawns improve air quality by producing oxygen and trapping airborne dust particles and other contaminants.


  1. Grass can grow everywhere – Varieties of grass grow on all continents in the world, even in polar regions.


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