Why our bird feeders come with guarantees

Why our bird feeders come with guarantees

Why our bird feeders come with guarantees
When it comes to choosing a bird feeder, most of us are happy with one that simply does the job it needs to – feed birds!

Yet, if we regularly feed birds with quality bird food, opting for any feeder can mean that our bird-feeding regime becomes a little bit more complicated! Feeders made from poor materials will begin to weather and become unusable and might need replacing more often. Some bird feeders can also be difficult to clean, which may prevent birds from visiting them and might send you in search of a new one. Whatever the issue with your bird feeder, it’s good to know that our bird feeders come with guarantees.

Our Flo™, Ring-Pull Click™, and Squirrel Buster™ feeders from the Jacobi Jayne range come with guarantees ranging from 2 years to a lifetime. So, what does that mean?

Our bird feeders come with guarantees

2 Year Guarantee

Our Flo range comes with a 2-year guarantee from Jacobi Jayne. Feeders that break due to normal use within the first two years will be replaced free of charge. The 2-year guarantee excludes day-to-day scratches or squirrel damage. After two years from purchase – or if squirrels cause damage – Jacobi Jayne will send you replacement parts whenever you need them at a very modest cost.

Lifetime Guarantee

Our Ring-Pull Click, and Squirrel Buster range comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. This includes breakage by squirrels but doesn't cover day-to-day scratches.

To make use of these guarantees, make sure that you contact us if you have any issues at all regarding your feeder. We will liaise with Jacobi Jayne on your behalf to ensure that you get the full benefit of your guarantee.

Why do these bird feeder guarantees matter?

Aside from the peace of mind that comes with buying a feeder with a guarantee, it also helps to promote less wastage. This is because high-quality products can be used for many years of happy bird feeding, and removes the need to replace or discard them. And this is why our bird feeders come with guarantees.

Our hanging feeders boast robust materials, twist-turn bases and click-off ports that make cleaning and refilling easy. With so many choices between colours, finishes and sizes - if you can’t quite settle on what feeder to go for, then why not read our blog on 'what feeders to choose' to help you make your decision?

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