What to feed birds in summer?

What to feed birds in summer?

What to feed birds in summer?

With warmer temperatures and longer days, summer is considered the most rewarding season for feeding garden birds. Learn what to feed birds in summer in our helpful seasonal guide.

Summer is one of the most rewarding times to fill your feeders with quality filler-free bird food, and knowing what to feed birds at this time of year will help them thrive and keep them coming back for more. The evenings are longer, the temperatures are higher, and your favourite migratory birds have returned. Birds at home have just emerged from a busy breeding season and are beginning to moult. To keep their plumage looking its best, they’ll need a high-energy, high-protein diet full of a range of grains, oats and seeds.

Feeding garden birds in summer

Following the spring and breeding season, there are plenty of new hungry beaks to feed. Even with ample natural food sources in the summer, wild birds still need a top-up to their daily diet to keep their numbers increasing. If you’re wondering just how much of a difference feeding birds can make to their population, you can read more about the importance of feeding birds here.

Knowing what to feed birds

If you are new to feeding birds, you can go for an all-rounder option like our Summer Glow or our Four Season Feast. Offering a variety of food is the best way to attract a wide range of birds, and using a seed mix will cater to a whole range of garden birds, from robins to greenfinches and from blue tits to goldfinches.

Summer Glow Bird Food

Our Summer Glow seed is a blended mix of all the essential ingredients to keep your birds chirping their way through the summer. In particular, it includes peanuts, which are a favourite among jays and tits due to their fatty and filling goodness. Summer Glow also has a high content of niger seeds to nourish birds from within and striped sunflower to provide a high-protein meal.

Four Season Feast Bird Food

For an all-year-round mix, our Four Season Feast is a nutritionally balanced, crowd-pleasing mix that gives a range of birds a fuss-free feed. Loaded with natural goodness, Four Season Feast has ingredients like kibbled maise, which is high in carbohydrates and oils and easy for smaller birds to digest. It also includes safflower and groats, all well known for being filling to keep birds in full flight and form over the summer months.

Robin Ready Mix for Songbirds

If you have been bird feeding for a while, you might want to go for one of our straight foods or our Robin Ready mix that will help your feeders to appeal to smaller, softer-billed songbirds. The Robin Ready mix helps to bring robins, song thrushes and blackbirds to your garden. This mix includes peanut suet pellets, a firm favourite of these songsters, and mealworms, making this a real Michelin-starred meal!

Everyday Essentials Bird Food

Our Every Essentials mix offers wild birds a well-rounded blend of nutrition that energises them so they keep up with their daily foraging and feasting. It includes a generous combination of fruits, nuts and seeds, which feature in husked and non-husked versions so that all birds, large and small, get a snack that suits their beak size.

Unsure of what to feed birds?

Rest assured, our entire Birdkind bird food range is 100% filler-free forever and approved by ornithologists. The filler-free forever promise means that we will never bulk up our Birdkind bird food with unnecessary extras that birds don’t like and offer them no nutritional benefit. This also means that every mix is full of the stuff that all birds, big and small, love, so you can attract more birds to your garden and ensure they get what they need whilst minimising mess and fuss!

If you have questions about our filler-free bird food or would like more advice on attracting birds to your garden, message us, and we will happily discuss it with you.

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