The 5 best hanging bird feeders

The 5 best hanging bird feeders

The 5 best hanging bird feeders

A hanging bird feeder is arguably one of the easiest ways to begin feeding birds. Easy to hang up, easy to clean, and easy to refill. The only difficulty with hanging feeders is choosing the right one!

Available in so many different sizes, shapes, colours and materials, it can be difficult to narrow down the right hanging bird feeder that's ideal for your needs. In this blog, we do that for you so that you can find the perfect feeder for offering bird food to the birds in your garden!

Best hanging bird feeders for beginners / on a budget

When embarking on your bird-feeding journey, you may be a bit wary of investing too much too early but still want a great feeder. If you are unsure about how many visitors you may get or how much wild bird food to put out, it is better to start with a smaller feeder that comes in on a budget.

Our Flo Feeder is available in a range of colours with three sizes to choose from – 2-port, 4-port and 6-port. With a two-year guarantee, it is a great feeder to get your bird feeding going. The components easily click off and can be removed for easy cleaning and refilling, making bird feeding a breeze! The hooked lid means you can quickly fill up your feeder, hang it up and see who comes to feed. This feeder certainly won’t break the bank, and the bright designs will stand out in your garden.

Once you have established regular visitors, why not branch out your food offering to niger seed and add another colourful Flo feeder to your collection!

Best all-rounder hanging bird feeder

If you are a seasoned bird feeder, then you will know that many feeders fall foul to poor design, poor weather resistance, and squirrels can even damage some.

If you want a feeder that will stand the test of time, then look no further than our Ring-Pull Click, which comes with a lifetime guarantee. Made from heavy metal and finished in a beautiful Khaki green or Zinc finish, this feeder seamlessly blends into the background of your garden and will for years to come.

The expertly designed elements make this feeder fully weatherproof, which also helps to keep food fresh. Featuring the same twist-turn base and click-off components as the Flo feeder, the heavy metal parts are squirrel-resistant and will fend off all that our UK weather will throw at it. The Ring-Pull Click also has 2-port, 4-port and 6-port options to suit your bird feeding needs.

This feeder is in the mid-range price point, but with a lifetime guarantee and your feeder staying in constantly good condition and safe from squirrels, it offers real value for money and is a true all-rounder.

The Ring-Pull Click is also available as a niger feeder or peanut feeder.

Best hanging bird feeder for gardens with pests

When it comes to bird feeders, our beloved squirrels can soon become pests. Gnawing away at feeders, squirrels are quite professional thieves and often end up leaving a trail of destruction behind them!

Not only does this render your feeder useless, but it also makes a mess as food spills out. To avoid feeding more squirrels than birds, we recommend the Squirrel Buster. 

The Squirrel Buster has all the features that make the Ring-Pull Click great – and more. Whilst the strong metal make-up of this feeder makes it tough against weather and squirrel nibbles, the Squirrel Buster has its own unique technology to prevent squirrels from eating your bird's food. The weight of the squirrel causes the feeder's food door to close, so squirrels can’t get at the food, and whilst it may seem like a simple idea – there is no other feeder on the market that works quite as well as the original Squirrel Buster!

The great thing about this feeder's design is that although the technology stays the same, there are plenty of feeders to choose from within the range. From the smallest size to one of the largest to squirrel-resistant feeders, you can be confident that whatever one you choose to suit your bird feeding routine, the food will be safe from squirrels!

Best of the best

If you are a bird-feeding fanatic and have been through your fair share of feeders, you may be ready to invest in what we believe is the best of the best. Weather resistant, squirrel resistant and with a 3-litre capacity – the Squirrel Buster Plus is unparalleled in quality and design. The six ports and huge capacity mean you can feed more birds for longer, and when coupled with Squirrel Buster technology, it keeps pests at bay (Squirrel Buster squirrel-proof bird feeders are 100% effective, totally humane and guaranteed for life).

The Squirrel Buster patented ventilation system also ensures that food stays fresh. Aside from these benefits, the Squirrel Buster Plus has an attractive, timeless design, and its lifetime guarantee covers you for any fixtures or broken parts. So, if you want a bird feeder for life that guarantees years of uninterrupted squirrel-free bird feeding, then this is certainly one to consider!

To attract even more birds to your garden, you can try a bird feeding station which provides them with plenty of options to choose from or consider adding peanuts and niger straight foods to your bird-feeding platter to increase the variety of species that visit you.

If you aren’t quite ready to try a hanging bird feeder in the tube style, you can also test the waters with our FSC-certified wood feeder tables.

If you have any questions on the bird feeders we offer, about our high-quality filler-free Birdkind bird food or anything else you would like to discuss, please send us a message, and we will be happy to help.

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